Lethal VR reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Nice idea, fun but made a little ' bad. The price especially in discount justifies the purchase even if in my opinion you could do a little better... Especially with regard to the proportion of weapons that in my opinion is obscene because the weapons are giant. Sometimes you just need a particular to ruin a game. I Hope in some patches that changes the proportion because so I find it annoying. My vote for now is negative although I would have preferred a neutral vote, but not being able to put it... For now it's a No.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The closest Thing to a shooting range I've been able to prove in my life. With more than 50 challenges and a good variety of weapons, Lethal VR meets 100% its goal: to shit all hehe. Everything works as it should work, the aim is quite accurate, the movements are adequate and the sounds are pretty good, strong as a weapon should sound in reality. By $14.99 Lethal VR is a product that is easy to profit by its good quality of play. Here I leave a video gameplay with both the camera of the game and the recording playing. https://youtu.be/_YrimW9mR5g
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Lethal VR-The Agent trainer for Beginners to Advanced To Professionals. After I have every Practice that this Game has to offer, I am now writing a Review of this. To The Game Lethal VR is a Simulation in Which you are an Agent in training And practice and test your Arts with Handguns and Throwing Weapons in several Scenarios. The Gaming Experience When I started I had a lot of Fun playing the first Exercises with the Gun. The Exercises are very balanced and some are really demanding. Why? Well, The Handgun Exercises were not a Problem in themselves. I was able to aim sensibly, reloading also worked out super. Personally, I would have liked to bring the Magazine into the Weapon itself but seis drum. No, I am clearly referring here to the Throwing Weapons exercises. Unfortunately, this did not guarantee me, as I never Felt like throwing knives decently. They have flown somewhere but never really hit the Targets. Here you would have to improve again. Graphic Optical the Game looks really nice. Handguns as well as Knives beautiful in Detail, but seem relatively huge at first Glance. The Cult Livelative kept simple, but you can confidently turn a Blind Eye because it is just a Practice room. Sound I also liked the Sound, Shots seemed almost realistic, as did the Feedback when you hit a Target. Conclusion For €15 I find relatively little is offered in itself, but still say trotz of some Shortcomings that I recommend it due to the varied and demanding Exercises.