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Linger in Shadows™ is not a game, but rather an experiment into the realm of interactive digital art. Created by a collective of talented artists based in Poland known as Plastic, Linger in Shadows™ delivers cutting-edge graphics technology and is the first “demoscene” project to ever hit a home console. Bringing this underground digital art culture exclusively to the PlayStation®Network, it delivers a truly unique journey that will challenge and entertain you, and change the way you think about games and art forever.

Dive into the world of Linger in Shadows™, where a dark and mysterious creature lingers in the shadows, protecting the ancient Temple on its high perch above the ruined city below. Use the SIXAXIS™ controller to interact with and manipulate the environment and the very fabric of time and reality.

Key Features:
• Gorgeous Graphics – Real-time oil painting filters and fur shaders create a stunning canvas for this interactive art piece in 1080p High Definition.
• Unique Interactivity – Utilize the SIXAXIS™ controller to navigate through various segments and interact with the environment and the flow of time itself.
• Trophy Support – Earn 16 Trophies by exploring and experimenting to discover the secrets found deep within.

Software subject to license ( Online activity subject to Terms of Services and User Agreement (

Linger in Shadows is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. © 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Release date
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PlayStation 3

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Last Modified: Sep 28, 2022

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Sigil Of Light
It is foretold that revealing all 6 sigils will bring about light, and thus the sigils have been uncovered and light has been wrought from the shadow. Use all you have gained and search outside your vision for secrets within the world.
Sigil Of Creation
Eyes are the black holes of creatures, vast depths of darkness, but at the center you will find that creation exists everywhere, even when it is nowhere. All that is left is to unleash the light from within the shadow.
Sigil Of Nature
The force of nature has brought odd life to an even more unusual environment. Remember what you have learned here and it may be useful to you in the future.
Sigil Of Chaos
Chaos inhabits every fiber of the universe. Unleashing this power has obliterated the obstacles before you and will release you into nature.
Sigil Of Motion
Make the world tremble and the heavens shatter from within the shadows. The power to manipulate your environment has been unveiled and will prove essential in your struggles with nature.
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Linger in Shadows PS3 Longplay → Best Quality 1080p
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