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LOGistICAL is a large open-world, strategy, puzzle game where you transport different cargoes to complete all the towns throughout the country.

The whole game is a huge puzzle while each town is its own little piece of puzzling. There are over 1,000 towns to complete.
Plenty of towns are easy enough. Some take complex planning. Do them in your own order. Get bonuses for completing regions and contracts.
Some cargoes are easy to get. Others you have to create in industries. Use existing industries and build your own.
The further you get from the start the more strategies you have to use.
Pimp up your trucks with bonuses. Last truck delivering gets the bonus.
The towns and map are to scale. Current or historical industry placement. You could even say that playing is educational.

There is plenty more to keep you on your toes.
Towns consume the cargoes you are trying to get to completion.
Big trucks are great for moving lots of stuff, but can't travel everywhere.
There are lots of broken roads that need deliveries.
Upgrade the industries for better exponential throughput.
Cargo stores can sure come in handy.
What! I can't take my big trucks across the water on a ferry.
... and what is with those quarantine checkpoints?

Complete towns, roads, industries, contracts, regions and states for lots of in-game and Steam achievements.

LOGistICAL's base game covers the whole of Australia including all the major cities, towns and industries. Start in Sydney and work your way through the different regions and states. Eventually covering coast to coast with the most difficult being across the sea to Tasmania.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista or later
  • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256+MB with 1024x768 resolution
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Calimesa, California USA
Complete Calimesa, California USA
Leiden, NL
Complete Leiden, NL
Macquarie Industry
Upgrade the industry in Macquarie to level 3
Castroville, California USA
Complete Castroville, California USA
Cobbitty Industry #2
Upgrade the industry in Cobbitty to level 3
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LOGistICAL reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is likely to please Lovers of Trade Games that focus on Transport, Income and Further development of its Vehicle fleet. It goes different Ways than "The Planner" or Games that require the TRUCK's own Driving. Although a Maximum of only 16 Vehicles is currently allowed in the Fleet, the Handling of the Tasks is extensive. When initially the Money is the Focus to effectively increase the Vehicle fleet, the Task later changes more towards increasing its Sphere of influence and Expanding the Diversity of Goods. Each City demands different Goods. The Supply and Demand of Cities no longer change. However, the Resources are not evenly distributed and sometimes some Goods cannot yet be procured, as their Occurrence has yet to be discovered. This is done by widening its Sphere of influence. Later, it becomes important to invest stock through Cargo centres so as not to allow vehicle traffic to be endlessly long. Empty Journeys cost Money. Urban Industries can be increased by Investing Goods in their Capacity. More Output brings more Merit. If Customers are available in the Form of other Cities. Cities vary in size. Large Cities are sometimes difficult to supply with Goods and usually it is not immediately possible to satisfy the enormous Demand with small Cargo capacity. If you like to plan down to the individual, you can also make yourself a reality. Empty Journeys don't have to be. However, each truck journey must then be controlled manually and the starting And Ending points must be determined. This is certainly just for absolute Enthusiasts. Vehicles can't take all the Paths. The heavier the TRUCK gets, the fewer Roads it has to drive on. This in turn makes the Interim Camps, which can sometimes be built on the Main Batters, so necessary. This makes it possible to set up a Delivery with small Vehicles and then to carry out Long-distance transport over long distances and with fewer Journeys from stock with the larger Trucks. What I haven't quite seen through yet are the Qualifications of the Drivers, which over time allow for Faster transport of the Goods and faster loading and Unloading. The Time Gain can be enormous here. The Tutorial Is close to everyone's Heart. The basic Ways To play are explained here. Currently, a Weekly addition to the Game's Range comes as an Update. Players who are into Action, Love risk and Surprise Effects will make a False Purchase with This Game. The Game is more for Lovers of Economic Simulations, civilization players (the Unlocking of cities and new TRUCKS corresponds in its Appeal to The Extensions in Civilization)-generally construction players. Little Surprising, but many Development Opportunities and so far no Boredom. I'm still running Game 1 at the moment. There is no end in sight. However, I'm in no hurry to do so either. A nice Holiday Evening Game that can be played endlessly for a long time. Surely it would be nice if some Surprise Moments could still come into play. The Wear and tear of the TRUCKS, for Example. Repairs. Special Orders. More Offers concerning truck selection. If the TRUCK could be given Routes or a small Command routine, after which they do Their own tasks, could be a delightful Innovation. An Effect such as a change In demand in Cities and Price Volatility is not even necessary. The Large number of different Goods and the Organization of Raw Materials for The Production of the final Products is already doing enough Work. In Conclusion, the Game is already a lot of Fun. Even without the proposed Innovations, curious Players of Economic Simulations would be advised to try this Game once. I haven't even listed some of the Possibilities that the game also offers here-especially since the Programmers will certainly come up with some Of the new Innovations in the near future that makes this Game pleasantly different from the others. Warning: This Game focuses on Content, not exterior. Great Graphics, Zoom Effects up to the Cab Or the like are not present. The Graphic is described with simply exaggeration. But who among us doesn't know Games that are literally covered with Graphic Effects but don't offer any Content and Depth. Let out the Sound! Your Pets otherwise seek the Vastness and Grandma turns out the Hearing aid. Sound Effects are zero. But: Finally, a game developer team is going a different Way. First Content, then Outward appearances. The Graphics are certainly still being improved, don't Worry.
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