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**Requires controllers/gamepads for multiplayer!**


In Looticrous you play as a mimic(treasure chest demon) cursed to forever clean the grounds of dark forests, castles, and dungeons for your all powerful master, the Necromancer. The Necromancer is constantly bothered by the bothersome "adventurers" that wander everywhere and steal his precious loot. Fed up with the adventurer's looting, The Necromancer summons you to a friendly competition with your fellow mimics; "Those of who bringeth back the most of my loot shall be ridden on thine curse and returned to human form once again!". And so you are sent off to betray each other and pray that you satisfy your master with your loot-collecting skills!

  • Forest (Open spaces make it difficult to out maneuver Adventurer)
  • Dungeon (Long corridors offer an asymmetric challenge)
  • Castle(N/A) (Tightly packed rooms and dead ends)
Game Modes "Classic Mode"

Players run around the map eating as much loot as possible without knowing how much they have consumed, a stray adventurer is constantly trying to hunt and take loot from the player who looks like they have the most loot. Be warned, being attacked by the adventurer will cause that player to lose all their precious loot as it is ridiculously shot up into the air for the adventurer as well as other players to take. The player at the end of the round with the most loot consumed appears before the Necromancer to become human again and wins.

Release date
Box Mountain Games
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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