Lorcan The Leprechaun | 3D Platformer

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Good Things Come in Small Packages!

Lorcan might not be very tall, but he's leaps and bounds above the rest! When the Pot of Gold is stolen from Clover Temple (where the end of every rainbow in the world resides) Lorcan The Leprechaun is needed to save the day! Run, Jump, Flip, Dive, Spin, And Frolic to various incredible locations all around the world to collect the mystical Golden Clovers and restore balance.

Incredible Level Variety

Never get bored with a huge variety of unique levels that range from vast open world areas to explore, to tightly-knit linear challenges to overcome. Travel to far away lands and meet incredible characters and creatures from various folklore found around the world.

Tight Controls

Welcome back the Incredible tight and responsive controls seldom found in modern 3D Platformers. Beginners can enjoy the freedom of movement and achieve all of the necessary goals in order to progress, and more advanced players can find incredible depth in the gameplay mechanics and work endlessly to improve their accuracy and speed.

Community Driven

Lorcan The Leprechaun is currently in the process of Crowd-Funding on Kickstarter. Please consider checking out the campaign and pledging to help bring this game to its fullest potential! Thank you!

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Hillcrest Games
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Mar 8, 2021

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