Lords of the Realm II reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
One of my absolute Favorite games from the 90s (1996). A Turn-based Medieval Strategy game where the Battles take place in Real time. The main Map Means that you first have Time to stop your Farmers, Fields (here unfortunately only Wheat or Cows) Production e.g. of Weapons, Wood, Iron or Stone. If you create an Army, you have the Opportunity to either do your Castle if you already have a church or built it yourself to garrison or to conquer a Foreign province or to Intercept/attack approaching enemy Troops. Each Army has 15 Movement points per Round. If you have done everything important in your Round, you click on "Quit the game" And when everyone else is done with their Turn the next one starts. The situation is Different with Switches between the individual Armies or in The case of Castle Sieges. Here the Battle takes place in Real time, as you know it from other Games. I like the Concept a lot and have played this Game for a long time, also the German Version of it is great Fun. Had bought me the Royal Edition at that time and also found a Way to get the Game here from Steam completely in German and to Games. Luckily, I Still had an old PC and made the effort to copy the Required German Files from the Old Game and copy them into this Version here. I have German Tone & Text, everything almost again like in ancient Times =) Could never understand why Sierra did not remain true to himself here and had retained the whole thing in Part 3 .. Why the Cheese I still wonder to this day! It could have been so great, unfortunately at that time everyone was Based on the "Real Time" Tripp-.-part 3 lap, a little more economy, more possibilities to Manage the Fields (so not only Wheat and Cows but Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Geese etc., etc.). Maybe another Castle editor where you can put together your Own Castle/Edit yourself and here and there is something else, the Graphics up to date, yes I would know exactly what this Lords of the Realms would have to look like = P Would really wish someone such a Game Implement to this Day, maybe it would also be such a Success as Stardrew Valley! Lords of the Realm II was for me the best Game of the Series and has a nice Original Campaign and also with that of Expansion, the Siege Pack was joined by both a nice more Campaign, as well as great new Cards and Battles. The Opponents here include:-The Knight-The Baron-The Bishop-The Countess Also the AI has been improved with the Siege Pack. The Enemy now also builds small Troops with which he carries sneaky Attacks on Fields from the Enemy in order to put them under pressure or Starve out, etc. With the Maps Editor, you can create your own Maps for Battles. Here you can leave a lot of Time oh yes = P I can only recommend this Game to others, you must have played it once, absolute Cult and hope that they bring the German Version (was 5min Work to get that in German).