LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Preliminary Info about the Game: Before you buy the Game, you should be clear that this is more of an Episode game. Currently There are the first and second Parts of Lost Winds, which historically belong together and at the end of the first and the second The story stops with a Cliffhanger so that you have to know that even with both Parts the Story is not yet finished. Gameplay The Gameplay is relatively simple, you play the little Toku that can only run left and right and with the Mouse you can use different Abilities. The Game requires it very much that one knows the individual Abilities, because only by doing so can you solve the Puzzles and go the Way. The Skills are used by, for example, Holding down the left mouse button (Bi eienr Ability the right) and pulling a Stroke which then triggers a Gust Of wind or a small Vortex, Pull,.... Depending on how you use it. Lost Winds 2 is very similar to the first Part, but has a few additional abilities and a new Part of the Story. The little Toku is now able to call a Cyclone with which it can move higher into the Air at the beginning, later so that clouds can be scanned and let them rain down somewhere else and later In the strongest stage even blow away Boulders. Furthermore, he gets another helpful Spirit with which he can change from Winter to Summer or vice versa at certain Shrines. Positives-Very good Control-Beautiful Graphic Style-New Skills in addition to those of the first Part-Gradually you are well introduced to all Functions. -The Story tells itself little by little and you experience more and more-Simple Successes Neutral-Music is nice at first but gets a bit bland with time-Difficulty very easy and you actually never really have a Challenge. I lost only 2 times a Life Point in the whole game and that actually just because I got too careless and ran full into the Opponents-unfortunately you are not told on the Shop Page that the Story In the Game has no End and you take the second part and others probably success End Needs to really get to the End (Except 1 + 2 currently none available) Negatives-game too short, After about 4h you are through with 100%. (This means that the Game has almost twice the length of the first Part, but still does not really bring much playing Time)-Price with 9.99€ very expensive For such a short game as it is also a Wii Port. -Most of the retractable objects, as with the first Part, are located in the Path of the Story and are found almost automatically. Now, however, luckily there are almost twice as many to be Found and to the Statues Also Storyseiten Conclusion A very nice little game with a slightly different Way of trying To control. The Controls and Story are beautifully implemented and are a lot of Fun. Unfortunately, the Game is a bit short and you need more unavailable Parts to be technically satisfied in order to be protected. In terms of Difficulty, the Game offers quite little and is suitable for anyone who can handle the Mouse halfway. Nevertheless, I can only say that I really liked the Game and who stands on simple Games with beautiful little Story and pretty Graphics is the right place here. TIP: Get the "Lost Winds: The Blossom Edition" right away, you save 25% of the Costs. If you liked this Review, follow our Review Program http://steamcommunity.com/groups/-German_Gamer_Community-