MadOut reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
On December 20, 2014 Kazakhstan Studio Nuligine provided its debut product "MadOut". To be honest, the geographical location of the developers personally I did not cause any trust. I do Not want to give a reason to look for any political opinions in this-just so far has not yet seen the quality of games developed by Kazakhstani Studios. Having Familiarized with the game, I was not just pleasantly surprised, I actually got mad from what I saw, in a positive sense, naturally. In Its game concept MadOut is a combat race, this is the way the game is positioned by the creators themselves. The fact that the game is designed in this genre, frees developers from the need to supplement the gameplay with story events. Before US senseless, but very colorful, bright, with a stunning share of realism, racing action-all this is more than compensates for the lack of semantic fabula. MadOut Car Park consists of 15 models. Of Course, it is necessary to start the road feats with the weakest and visually unpretentious model, counting only on own game skill and on favour of Mrs. Fortune. To ensure that your participation in the race was not only noticeable, but also weighty, it is necessary to equip the vehicle with various devices: to choose a rich list of machine guns, rockets and mines. Each of the races takes place in the format of ring competitions, where you have to compete with several participants, who are as much as you, crave Prize-winning Barysh. The game has more than 50 unique tracks, so you have to test yourself on the strength of both the city streets, and on abandoned landfills or sand quarries. In Addition, the game variety will meet the change of time of day and weather conditions. For a successful gameplay, in addition to driving skills, you need to think carefully about the choice of strategy. Being on the edge of a moving column is, of course, prestigious and honorable, but in this case you risk to catch a dozen or more armor-piercing cartridges and in the end a powerful rocket volley. By closing the chain of participants, you will have the opportunity to adjust well in the arts, but in this case you can not count on game bonuses such as acceleration, ammo and defensive energy fields. It's time to talk about the graphics side of the product — and it's really at the highest level. The game has a lot of dynamic and destructible objects, including cars, which after shelling lose their marketable appearance, earn dents and cracks, lose doors and glass. The Behavior of cars on the track is also very acceptable, of course, the game is not called Auto Simulator, but the gameplay itself does not cause disgust and vomiting spasms.