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Madu Maths

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The hive is out of honey and Becky the queen bee needs her workers to help her get some more. Kids will have their maths skills tested in a unique and mind-stimulating challenge as the bees work together to bring home the honey!

Madu Maths is a completely free game meticulously and specifically created to test the maths skills of kids aged 5 - 9+. The game provides 5 levels of addition and subtraction problems with numbers up to 20, and also numbers up to 100 in the harder levels, which are perfect for the older kids and those looking for a bigger challenge.

In each level, kids are presented with a handful of flowers, each having its own maths problem to represent the honey it holds. The most unique aspect of this game is that kids must choose their own maths problem to solve. They are asked to first assess which flower will help them fill the hive most quickly and then to solve the problem to get the honey.

So on top of challenging kids on their maths skills, Madu Maths also challenges them in other areas of their developmental cognitive psychology like priming. The idea that kids can learn to prime certain maths problems and link them to a solution will help them in quick estimations and allow them to pick the flower with the most honey quickly and consistently. This will provide a foundation for success in more advanced areas in maths they will encounter in future.

With all these challenges, Madu Maths is the ultimate game that integrates what kids are learning at school with interactive fun. Get Madu Maths today for free!
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Tzar Leonardi
Tzar Leonardi
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 8 or later
  • Storage: 106 MB available space

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later
  • Storage: 115 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Madu Maths reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I'm going into 8th Grade now, and I'm standing in Math on a 5.5. My next Math Work decides on the 6 and the Consequence whether I stay seated or a 5. Through the Tryharding and Clean Swearings in this Game, I will pass the Test and make it to ninth Grade. Thanks to all The supporters of this Game. Yours, SW50ZXJzdGVsbGFy Edit: MADU MATHS!!! Super Great Program on Steam! Helped me out of my terrible Bind, I make it to ninth Grade!! Of course, I will continue to practice during the Summer Holidays, so as not to miss anything! Thanks to the Developer Tzar Leonardi and the whole Developer Team behind Madu Maths! Your Honorary Men! Your Lord SW50ZXJzdGVsbGFy PS: Made an Artwork to Madu Maths, check it off jumdenfall!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Madu maths is a mental computing game focused on two operations: addition and subtraction. At each stage you are offered between two and four calculations, depending on the level of difficulty chosen. So you select one of these calculations, after which your gauge fills up, as soon as you answer it correctly. You will also be granted a bonus, if you manage to opt three times for the operation resulting in the highest result. All this enveloped by a certain ludism; at least I imagine, since I'm not really part of the audience to which he intends. Indeed, the objective of Madu maths is, allegedly, to assess the level of a child from 5 to 9 years. Here you go. Perhaps I must impute it to the place where I teach (very disadvantaged, and socially and culturally, with a level of success and school ambitions most often at half-mast), but many of the students I meet on a daily basis would get in this exercise only a score, I'm afraid, pientous. No later than yesterday afternoon, do you imagine that it took to this brave Hey Sir, I'm not a rat! an endless minute enamelled by two or three unsuccessful trials--as much to say an eternity--to give us the result of an unfortunate "14-9". As a reminder, we were only on September 5th. Understand by that the brain of this dear TCH TCH, no mark! , a boy who is quite sympathetic and that I would keep myself well to count to the rank of students dropouts or in perdition, has little chance of being fogged by the accumulated fatigue of a whole year. But let's admit it! Despite the obvious ease with which he has participated, several times the rest, let's put this on the account of the stress related to the re-entry. That being said, for whom is part of the target audience and nevertheless would like to rub it, it is better to know that Madu maths suffers from a noticeable handicap, in my opinion of the editorial: a complete absence of pedagogy. And God only knows-way to speak-that this detail is paramount for a child of this age! Is your answer correct? Bravo! And so much the better. Because if not, do not hope to enlighten your Lantern. Do not hope that we explain to you why you were mistaken and also hope that we give you strings to improve you. In short, you will have understood, it may be free, Madu maths is not really part of an educational approach. Verdict: 2/5-mediocre, overall.
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