Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements reviews

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Product received for free Mage's Initiation is a Point-and-Click adventure With Role-playing elements. So anyone who should have played the five-part Quest for Glory series, or all of the adventures inspired by it, knows something like that. In Contrast to his Role model, however, one cannot play a Warrior Or Thief here, since the Class of the Protagonist is already firm from the Very beginning. He has been studying for 10 Years at a magician academy, which exists in the Form of an enchanted Tower in which each Room occupies the same Place, but is somehow shifted in a dimensioned way. D 'arc, the Character's Name, is about to pass his first major Test in order to be recognized as a full-fledged Magician. And to do this, he has to opt for one of four Elements, which takes the Form of a Survey. If you are not satisfied with the End Result, you can also discard it and opt for any Element. Anything else would also be weak, because I could not say from fire alone on the basis of the Answers, which one has to choose in order to get a very specific Element. ---> The Rest of the Review can be found on my Blog []
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The Spiritual heirs of "Quest for Glory" Do not exist much, right? "Max's Initiation" We waited for almost ten years,-frankly, at times it was not even believe that the exit will take place. But--Here he is, arc, alive and unharmed. If, of course, we can help him survive in the local dense forests and successfully perform three Tasks™, whose completion is required to obtain a certificate of the True magician. Of The pros-a high-quality picture (especially in the portraits of characters), the four elements of magic to choose (thanks to which there is a considerable interest in re-passage), an abundance of items in the inventory and a very short story with a variety of locations. Of the minuses-at times it seems that the entire combat-role mode is in relation to the advenichnoy basis of such a bonus Doteskom, with which the authors themselves did not know what to do. Another year in 2013, testing the then Alpha version, I tried to persuade developers to convert the fights from real time to normal marching mode:) Alas, at this moment the pleasures of chaotic skirmishes with random rivals do not get something, and all this increase in skills and levels can safely ignore. In General, "Hero-U" from Koulov itself I liked a little more, but "Master's Initiation"-very even good and worthy of attention thing. More Detailed review: