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Magic Pixel Picross

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A game of numerical reasoning for practicing your logical thinking.
A game of exploration and collection which may recall your childhood memories.
A drawing game for you to paint your dreams freely.

Create pixelated images through various numeric arrangements.
Only with great analytic ability and keen perception on images, can you correctly guess what it is.
Simple drawing operations, fresh music and colorful images will bring you excellent gaming experience.

Game features:
1.Each picture is elaborately designed. With lovely animals, nostalgic items and fancy poems, you may recall your childhood memories, or marvel at the fantasy.
2.You can draw a picture and let others guess what it is (idioms, quotations, poems,etc.) You can also guess pictures drew by others, which is a great fun.
3.This is a stage for everyone to draw the most fantastic and artistic pictures within the finite space with colorful and magic brushes.
Release date
Shandong Jerei Digital Technology Co.,LTD.
Shandong Jerei Digital Technology Co.,LTD.
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PC

  • OS: windows7,windows8,windows10
  • Processor: 64-bits
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Magic Pixel Picross reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
About Magic Pixel Picross From Shandong Jerei Digital Technology Co., LTD. A small Puzzle Game that captures a Lot of Player Data, sends it to Third-party Vendors, has been abandoned by the Developer, and, last but not least, comes up with a Regionlock. Data recorded By the Player would be: UserID, Device ID, Start & Stop time of the Product, OPERATING system + architecture, motherboard data, CPU including RAM, VRAM, resolution, Voice Settings, graphics card, shader details as well as the most accurate scene and Time Data of the Game, This can be used to track where the Player is grade and how long he or she is there. Contacted ips/hostnames api.uca.cloud.unity3d.com config.uca.cloud.unity3d.com 94d63cbf92082237b86267ffd4cacc64.cloudfront.net gds4.steampowered.com The Ip "" Belongs to one Chinese Address and can be found in Hangzhou. This probably served the "Vote" Function in the Game. Original Page is non-existent. There was only one "php-info" for a long Time. In The meantime, this has been replaced by Advertising. The Vote also passed a unique ID. At least the Function still exists. As if that were not enough, it also seems to be a lot of computational Problems with received level advanced/rewards. See other Reviews or Information from various People in The Discussion area. Block of mentioned Addresses is recommended before The Game starts, because the Analytics/tracking functions (especially Unitysnoff) are still active. Further Updates or Changes are unlikely to be expected from the developer/manufacturer as nothing has happened since the original 2017 test.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Ok. Just played 20 Minutes and I already feel compelled to write a (negative) review. I love to play Picross Games because they are pure Logic games. This one not. I have just put the 30 classic 5x5 behind me and have already stumbled across about 7 Picross, which can be solved not with Logic, but only with Luck. Since 2 + Solutions are possible in this Case, one only loses Stars (or Life for this Puzzle) unnecessarily and is allowed to solve it immediately afterwards from the Memory Bottom again without Error. I'm still going to play through the Game, but if it already contains so many Bugs, I see more Frustration than Fun about this Game. The minesweeper version, which still exists as a second Game mode, I haven't tried it properly yet. Could be funny, though, if logic errors don't also occur here. Conclusion: With the current Mass of "insoluble" images, Buying simply isn't worth it. Edit: The 5x10 Images are sometimes really bad. "Umbrella" & "Moon And Stars" are pure Luck and on today I have no Nerve ^^ You can look past the lack of comfort options of other Picross, but to let such a simple logic puzzle degenerate into pure Gambling is pathetic. Edit 2: The worst Picross ever! There are a maximum of 4 Stars for Solving an image. After about a Third of the Images in a Difficulty, you have to buy new Pictures for Stars. With 5x5 Images, a new Image costs 4 Stars, with a 10x10 it is already 8. You can't earn enough Stars to unlock and play the whole Game. So how do you get to new Stars? Right, you buy new ones with Real Money (or watch Mobile Game typical Advertising). Since the Logic errors and Guessing games do not subside even in Higher Difficulty levels, the Game often remains a pure Gamble without a logical Approach. Hopefully the Dirt can still be exchanged.
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