Makaimura for WonderSwan

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'Makaimura for WonderSwan' (otherwise known as 魔界村) is a Japanese action-platformer video game for the WonderSwan handheld console. It was developed by Capcom then published by Bandai, which took place on July 22nd, 1999.

Sharing similar gameplay to its predecessors, 'Makaimura' reintroduces enemies, weapons and backgrounds from the previous three games. Unique features include picking double paths, swimming in water, and levels which requires the player to rotate the WonderSwan by 90° as Arthur climbs and swings down a rope in a vertical shaft. Unlike other games, the player is not required to repeat the game after the penultimate level in order to get the one weapon to defeat the final boss.

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Last Modified: Jul 13, 2022

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