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Making History: The Calm & the Storm

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Making History® delivers the open-ended gameplay of strategy-game classics, but with compelling new economic, military, and diplomatic systems and deep research that lets you play with real historical challenges.

The game drops you into a rich WWII world where every nation has its own agenda, and where events can turn on a single alliance. Work with your nation's historic strengths and weaknesses. Build up your industry, infrastructure, economy, military. Create alliances. Then reshape your strategy as the world evolves with each turn.

  • Rich WWII world: MAKING HISTORY: The Calm & the Storm includes over 80 nations and 800+ regions. Each nation is given detailed characteristics built on extensive research, including economic and military strengths, diplomatic relations, ideology, and technical advancement. Each region features terrain, infrastructure, resource production and more.
  • You are your Nation: Jump into a world in motion where every nation is pursuing its own agenda, and where events can turn on the breaking of a single alliance. Devise strategies based on your nation's historic strengths and weaknesses' and revise your plans as the world evolves in response to your actions. Play as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USSR, the United States, or China.
  • Multi-Turn Combat: An innovative combat system allows many approaches to engagements from massive assaults to holding actions. Supplies, reinforcements and geography all affect your battle plan.
  • More Military Options: Use unique unit abilities to blitzkrieg with armor, fight attrition battles with hordes of infantry, decimate enemy industry with strategic bombers, and bomb fleets from a distance with a carrier task force. With scientific research you can unlock more advanced military units, and every unit features a detailed 3D model.
  • Sophisticated World Economy: The game's economic system models the connections between world power and economic strength. Players control trade, aid, industrial development, infrastructure investments, and a deep field of research.
  • Powerful Alliance System: As you make and break alliances, declare war and propose peace, each action affects your relations with other nations, and their willingness to ally with you. If you lack strong allies, you may find other nations are more are more likely to attack.
  • Historic Scenarios: Six scenarios let you start at a crucial historic moment, focus on a specific event, or play the whole war. Scenarios cover the fall of France, Pearl Harbor, the D-Day invasion of Europe, the Sudeten crisis and more, and each is based on detailed research. You can work to succeed where others failed, or take a different path and see what happens.
  • Superb replayability: Each scenario drops you into a different firestorm. Each nation you play presents unique challenges. Everything evolves from your economic and military choices, the alliances you make, and the actions and reactions of the world's other nations.
  • Single and Multiplayer Turn-Based Gameplay: Innovative simultaneous-turn-based play is quick and responsive, and keeps you in control with no waiting. Play with up to eight others in multiplayer mode, using in-game chat to devise joint strategies and secret pacts. Will you be a trusted ally or a backstabbing tyrant?
  • Built for Modding: Use included Scenario Editor to modify scenarios or create your own.
Release date
Muzzy Lane
Strategy First
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

Minimum: Windows XP, 2000 or Vista Operating System, Pentium III or Athlon 1.0GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 850 MB available hard drive space, 32 MB Video Card, Internet connection for multiplayer

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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Making History: The Calm & the Storm reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It was worth it for a few €, but for more I wouldn't have bought it either. The Game Mechanics take getting used to and sometimes illogical, but otherwise quite ok.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A strategy game with very developed aspect and a good historical and scriptical reality however the management is very laborious and sometimes the chance of battles is disconcerting (even with 50 troops against 5 one can lose... Very... too often).
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Round Tactics a la Civilization Have played the Tutorial Offline. That's very rogue and doesn't make you Want to play the Game. To Mediate purely mechanically without Background. Then The Game started and was then slain by the Possibilities and the lack of Help (E.g. consultant at Civ). Probably a good Game for Hardcore Strategists. I'm sticking with the more accessible Civ/Beyond Earth.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Even for this price (4euros) the game is not worth the shot. Really too overtaken. Long and boring. Part of it and refunded. He really has big competitors to whom he does not reach the ankle (Hoi for example). Don't waste your time. His problem is to choose how to divide "effort" between production, research or development of factories but when in 3 years we can not make a tank and one technology at a time it is necessary to stop... It's a useless headache...
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Put1 of marde, I got screwed passing 550 laps to create an atomic bomb of my two balls and my plane of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ turns into a boat once on the water and never turns back into a plane Hooker. I had to go through Antarctica and then back up from the bottom of the hole in the world's butt to realize that my ex-plane boat-doll never retransforms into a plane. I have cracked I rage I cried I hurt the skull I hurt the ball help. Otherwise I enjoyed my general gaming experience but this trolleuse bomb took me through all the orifices. P. S why do my planes dance over aircraft doors without throwing bombs.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
For $5 I am filled;) I am an intense player... more than 1000hrs of game.... I recommend the version (non steam) go to the site direct, you ppourvez download more scenario the bottom that here on steam... for the first of the series j you recommend to take the Gold Edition...... I also buy the 2 and the 3 on steam and I regret it.. I explain. the game finally this version date one can the most work mod have already 4 or 5 years past and not on that those who made them at the time back on workshop... Personally I have one in work and it takes a lot of time, without knowing if I will have the chance or the time to finish it one day... so a good hearing!!! ;)
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