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Man of Law | Judge simulator

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In our game you can immerse in the world of the most progressive and controversial justice system in the world, cover a career path from an alumnus of prestigious law school to the head of the county court.

We offer a very unusual gaming experience in the most exciting simulator of the judge activity.

In the game you will be waited of:
• Work with criminal and civil cases.
• Most interesting judicial processes of modern time and tours into the history of jurisprudence.
• Problems and joys of the judge’s private life.
• Financial difficulties and temptations.
• The hero’s adventures beyond the temple of Themis.

You won’t be bored because our game is full of sharp satire and humor. We are not going to torment you by routine, but want to make your brain work!

You will meet a history of the decider of the fate who is on the hook of the Bureau of investigation or the life of an honest but poor clerk.

Knowledge or reputation?
Quick money or long and cautious way to the Top?
An offshore six zero account or the salary of an honest judge?
Business dinner with a prospective protégé or an evening spent on preparation of a science monograph?
Careful bribe or principled, but immoral decision?
A wolf in sheepskin or a jealous advocate of the legality?

Or maybe your talent will allow you to balance on the fine line between risk, skill and influence? The choice is yours!

Set the most ambitious goals, take fair or not very fair solutions and move up the food chain of the judicial system.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: integrated graphics card
  • Storage: 1200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Man of Law | Judge simulator reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Early Access Review Visual novella with elements Papers, Please!. Sounds better than it is, but still it is a reality. ✓ Images Typed in the Internet for backgrounds that simply have subjected to small processing in Photoshop. ✓ Primitive story about a guy who dreams of becoming a judge, with primitive plot moves and twists. ✓ Text does not draw on any artistic value, through the word there are typos, confused, banal errors and "This is all!". ✓ Cool Music can save the game or enhance the impression of an already good game, but here the author just dragged some tracks from the Internet. I would Not be surprised if the developer did not have permission for such machinations. The more amusing this situation, considering that the game is about legislation and all sorts of legal stories. ✓ Game Mechanics in which we constantly choose, unnecessarily tightened and no sense of progress (or limiter in the form of a timer, as in the same Papers, Please! and similar projects). I have solved all things purely in terms of logic, as far as I know it and can manipulate it. A Man has been smoking cigarettes for 60 years, and then sued a cigarette corporation for cancer or a case of cat drying in a microwave oven – all the stories we're going to disassemble, almost certainly happened in real life and almost always delusional, to any person Could take the "right" decision. I didn't see Any complicated cases, so to name Man of Law | Judge Simulator is a highly specialized "simulator of justice" too can not. Based on all of the above recommend the game to buy do not undertake. It's a raw product that still doesn't understand what it wants from life. If it was initially free, it could be saved by the whole community, but if the developer puts a price on his product, he realizes that he is fully responsible and ready for criticism. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CURATOR AND JOIN THE GROUP
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Early Access Review could Not pass by this brainchild, because I am a lawyer and in the legal sphere of activity "I live".... I know not by hearsay about the set of cases, conflicts and even faced with ridiculous situations in court proceedings. Here in the game we are told about the most "cheerful" judicial, where "dry cats in microwaves and insure from the fire cigars, which then whine and get insurance"... Graphics and sound: The Graphic "oily" style is made simple, but good. Perhaps the claim will be the use of pictures "with Google" then there, then here... Sometimes even the feeling that they were not drawn at all. This is a minus to the creative indicator. The Sound creates an atmosphere of comedy happening... How much I did not try to catch the notes of seriousness-did not work. Gameplay and storyline: Visual novella or Text Quest? It's Hard to say... Let it be the second, but in a very simplistic form. The Task is simple-we make elections on the situation, and do they have to constantly. Immediately It should be said that do not try to find the seriousness of the game, because everything is done in a comedic style... Even the comments of those present at the "meeting" ooze humor and irony. The Plot tells us about the way from a simple court clerk, who on a young man received a serious bust CHSV and therefore decided to become the "ruler of the Fates" on the manners of King Solomon, only here is the way to the top of the judicial system of the dolog and the thorny... Have to face a lot of trešovyh affairs and somehow of them get out. Our Elections linearly define the "ending". The Result: A lot to say about the game will not work... Small Project-a small review. At the moment I would think of a small improvement of the interface, a simple "tutorial", and "hiding the seams of development" (including the pro F12 and its effect on the game). Rated 6.5 out of 10. A Game that is capable of causing a smile, even a few smiles, but in general, does not give any unusual jekspiriensa. Hope for a serious game about the work of the judge is not justified, and if I want a full-fledged comedy "pseudo-court", I will turn to the services of Ace Attorney.
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