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When John "Striker" Gullivan left the SAS, he's been far from thinking about retirement. A skilled sniper, veteran of many covert operations, he was ready to take on the less legal side of the "business".
Working closely with his friend Max - one of the best hackers there are - he quickly earned his fame among other mercenaries and private agencies. Yet, he was cautious enough to avoid standing openly against any legal government. He was even taking semi-official jobs that were too dangerous or too politically risky for any government agenda. This was an easy life.
Until now.Features:
  • First Person Perspective dynamic adventure shooter powered by the advanced Argon 5 technology.
  • Play the role of a famous mercenary through 5 large, different chapters (14 huge levels total): Iranian hidden nuclear materials' processing plant, Moscow Trade Center where the trouble begins, City Dockyard hit-and-flee mission, Baykonur Cosmodrome shootout, and Iraq terrorist cave search for a missing VIP.
  • Game reflects John's sniper expertise. At the beginning of each chapter he is given 2 sniper rifles - a silenced Arctic Warfare as a primary weapon and additionally one specialised rifle that fits the chapter best, selected from a variety of choices. Additional rifles range from a very fast, semi automatic Saiga with sniper scope to a heavy and deadly Barrett .50.
  • Game simulates bullet ballistics depending on gravity, wind and bullet initial velocity for more realistic experience.
  • Using silencer on the Arctic Warfare or on John's personally modified P99 pistol may be useful at times, as the enemies fully depend on their eyes and ears - and they cannot chase what they don't see nor hear.
  • Playing the game as a "standard" shooter using automatic rifles and pistols taken from dead enemies is of course possible as well - still using sniper tactics over longer distances is easier.
  • Sophisticated enemy AI allows them to fight in groups, using different weapons and explosives, alarming and supporting each other, using terrain and objects in their tactics.
  • Game is powered by advanced technology and renderer that produces beautiful images, full of light, beautiful atmospheric effects, realtime water, reflections, shadows and different, realistic surface materials complete with vivid, living environments with animated plant life, insects and birds.
  • Convincing storyline and action objectives. The player is constantly in contact with his HQ, which feeds him with data and changes mission objectives as he goes.
Release date
Kiss, Silden
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Pentium Dual Core processor or similar
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video Adapter compatible with DirectX 9.0c (Pixel Shader 3) with 512 MB RAM
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Last Modified: May 29, 2023

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Manhunter reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Let's say that you can play, but I do not recommend. The Graphics do not say to be quite scary, but do not call delight, besides done very sloppy, about the water I do not want to talk at all. From Music Fifteen hundred melodies which to the second mission already irritate, well and a plot, it is possible to say no, and that there is such nonsense that it is not desirable to comment.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If you fancy playing a very seesweehr lucky game, you should wait for a sale where this masterwork of graphics costs under €1. Those who expect a good or mediocre game here are mentally not quite healthy .. The only good thing about the game is that you increase your team library. Anyone who finds right-writing errors may keep them
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Hello, Moscow Sniper! Wow, angry Russians are again foraged something bad! Sell weapons, drugs and gallons of oil! No, seriously, she's everywhere. Just everywhere. Our Brave SPECIAL FORCES goes to fight the TERRORISTS. Such Wow, much fun. Seriously, this game is not so bad. For real. No, she's not, but not as bad as Chernobyl: a terrorist Attack. First of All, here you have a bunch of guns with a bunch of ammo. Second: It is a lot easier, because see Paragraph № 1. Of course, it is not worth Buying it. Curve Graphen, lack of physics and thus very strange sys. Requirements: GTA V on Ultra & Fraps = 60fps BF1 on Ultra & Fraps = 60fps Manhunter on Low = 16fps. Why? And Fig knows him, this nekstjen... The Game is not suitable for people with bad Komami, they do not pull it dumb. And with good... There are a bunch of normal alternatives. The Game is similar to someone's coursework, not even a diploma. But! If you are a lover of masochism and/or just a co-profile, then boldly buy this game!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Manhunter Manhunter is a first-person shooter with a deep storyline, a unique gameplay, and it was to take the prize of the Game of the year with a horror story, blunt gameplay. In General, how did this game hit the steam? Okay, all in order. About who we play to say can not be because I missed the entry admiring the similarity of the game. But The only thing I realized is that we're playing for a very cool soldier who has a cancer gait. Gameplay. Well, how to say so. Plastic figurines of soldiers and the more realistic behave. Graphics. Let's not be sad. Ai. I'd describe it if it was. Npc. Again, plastic men are better. And the only thing that happened to this game is to cheer me up. In 23 minutes of the game (of which 10 minutes I ran it) I saw exactly 7 big bugs. 7 was a bug in with the fact that the man I had to accompany crashed into the wall and stopped. On This and ended for me this,, game ' '. And so let's get down to the pros and cons of the game. Cons:-Graphics-NPC-AI-Gameplay-Glitches Plus:-I bought it for 7 rubles.
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