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I love this game, even if there are things that are missing a little bit by if and by the, the developpers are very active, this game is also cool for are a little strange creation system when you do not know how to serve but after 1 or 2 hour of play you know you serve so taken in hand a little difficult Finally, this game is good for are number of settings (which always increases to this day besides) that allows you to create with a little experience almost all you want. I believe this game to a future all trace even if there is any change to make
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I got a free Key for Review purposes, but this Does not affect my Rating in any Way. If you want to test the Game before you buy it, you can do that here []. In Manyland, you can do whatever you want-and really do anything! Terraria or Minecraft? That's probably what almost everyone who sees the Game for the first Time thinks. I can say: Neither! Manyland is markedly different from both Games. It takes a bit to understand everything, because unfortunately relatively little is explained. I got a Tour of the Game, but I doubt everyone gets one-a Tutorial would be helpful. Unfortunately, the UI is slightly confusing for Newcomers, but you can find out where what is relatively quickly. Unfortunately, there are sometimes smaller Frame Bushes. Do something your own! Or steal something from other Players! ;) The Game includes a complex Editor with Which you can do Blocks, Vehicles, programs (Yes, That's possible too!) and much more. This is also slightly confusing, but that is due to its enormous Complexity. If you are creative, you have many Hours of Fun with it alone! Look, marvel, imitate! If you are not very creative, you can easily get Ideas. There are 200K Areas, according to The developer, most of which you can look at. Some are really good; There's a working Casino with Coins, PVP Arenas and more-that's where everyone finds ideas. 8Bit-but it doesn't matter! Manyland is not a Graphic Wonder, a Sound miracle, nor a Technology miracle. It's all about creating Things that work really well (And if you know how to do it, it's even easy). You can't just change the World-you can change yourself. I was an example of white Times a flying dog with a Bat on its Head and an Umbrella. Sounds cool? Is it too! Conclusion Although it's hard at first-it's Fun. Thanks to the friendly Community and the friendly Developers, you never really have Trouble with other Players. If you like to build, create and design, Manyland is in Great hands. Who prefers to marvel, too. Rating Gameplay: 40/50-Always what to do/-Initially demotivating and heavy Graphics: 14/20 -8Bit/-You can change everything and make Sound yourself: 7/10-You can make Music yourself/-Nothing special otherwise Support: 10/10-Self nice Developer/-There often comes something new Technology: 7/10-Sometimes Lags/Self with many Things and Players otherwise good Performance 78/100 episode after the curator program of the German _ Gamer _ Community for more Reviews!