MARVEL Contest of Champions reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
You still all your Players. Dear Kabam Team it's an up and down at this Game. You don't have the necessary Feeling how hard it must be a Game for everyone to have Fun. Sometimes the Monthly Event is relatively easy, but often it is just too difficult that you consume many Units by 100%. My Recommendation would be so hard for you the MONTH Event that all the AKT 5 have through with a little practice also pack the Month event with a few Units if necessary. And then you can still have other Events (E.g. Packing the danger rooms) by the way where the normal Player says the Effort is too big for me I leave that the Hardcore Zockers who are rewarded with great Prizes for it. In My Opinion, if the Month Event is already so difficult that the "Normal" player has to invest a Bunch of Money, the Thought of the neck does not get full. I'm back at the Point after the Month I stop and believe I'm not going along with that for much longer. Then I prefer to invest Money and Time in another Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A game that improves with time... possibility to play it for free, but it is not necessary to be pressed in this case to evolve its Persos. Too bad that the prices displayed in the shop are crippling (spend + 100 euros on iPhone, Apple taking its margin, for some bonus crystals, isn't it indecent?) ... I'm not against the pay to win but I'm not Cresus either!!! Finally, changing its characters takes time (get 4-star color catalysts can take 2 months), so this game gets really addictive when you want to go away without cheating! Another great concern of the game: there are many ways to cheat in this game, and kabam does not sanction fast enough the cheats (1 week then 1 month of ban to max), so these proliferate. Instead of chasing them, kabam increases the difficulty of the game, which makes the cheats always win + rewards and the honest player is dumped. After it's complicated to do a witch hunt. In short, good game, taking, but the prices of the shop are for millionaires... and too many cheats (bots for versus, multicolored...) hence my rating!