Material Girl reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Ah, Stardew Valley... its Purring music, its naive graphics... Mmh? Off-topic? I just wanted to make an entrance to the PC duck. * Material girl *-the test __________________________ since I have publicly purchased this hentai-soft game, I will push the CAP until you evaluate it.... Stardew Valley, remember, his old-fashioned little air, when we exhomeland in the countryside... We live day-to-day, from sunrise to bedtime, by occupying our days to survive (working) and to establish social relations (by going to meet people). Well, "material girl" is the same. Except it's in town, not in the countryside. Instead of planting leeks or milking cows, we're going to do this... with men. On a cute music and in an old school graphics, this hentai-soft RPG invites us to live the life of a student. The city, carved out of tables, offers its lot of lucrative activities; We will quickly search for a job to pay our bills, while making sure to continue our studies. Interface: correct. Jouabillité: parameterisable options: R.A. S video: 4/3 well-lifted, adaptable in widescreen audio: naïve RPG music in the exploration phase; sexy themes in full action. Not cult, but correct. Sirucan, leaning, in the image of the rest. The only voice we hear will be that of the heroine, overplayed, but funny. Watch out for the neighbors if you don't play the helmet, because when it gets there... It can go far. Speaking of which, you're going to walk a lot. Along the way, we will be docked by individuals somewhat pranceurs. At this point, it can slightly disappoint and rekill. Because student life does not seem very fun. Then, if we bother to enter a little in the trip, we play the game: raise 7am, direction the class, then, work at the bakery, dine at my aunt's, and sleep at home. Obviously, a little perverse, "material girl" puts you in voyeur/se. We watch the Miss lead "her life of m * RDE". So it's a creepy hair. I agree with that. But it's not over. We installed the patch to remedy a censorship-logical, and that I do not criticize-steam; and the afriolantes scenes gently unlock. "Material girl" relies more on patience than gaming skill. It's not really a Visual novel (an interractive story to text), but it's not quite a RPG either. Narrative choices are like "Yes/No", so that, anyway, we're going to say "Yes". I'm not drawing you. This little game reveals its content to who has the patience to give him attention, also exploring the paintings, to find some hidden characters, or pick up objects... and Sakura will flip, not just forward, but mentally, bringing another game atmosphere that will infuse, at your own pace. But I turn around the pot (and it amuse me). I guess anyone who clicked here is only looking for one thing: does "material girl", in addition to having an excellent title, offer heavy in terms of mature content? It is a game of hentai soft, so the scenes are erotic and classical, with an exaggerated anime side, both in the text and in the artworks, which makes it "immaterial" precisely, contrary to its name: it is exaggerated and phantasmagorical. The situation of departure and the progression of the events are valid, credible, but the way it will be brought will uncomplexer the atmosphere ^^ absolutely unrealistic, often funny, especially the translation, and an outrageous writing, without finesse, in PIN-PON mode pouet-pouet. Here is not O history or 50 shades, it's cute, pressed, and a bit comical it's true. Maybe it's me. But some dialogues, voluntarily or not, I will never know, and I'm not sure I want to know, risk making you laugh, as they are "forced". For a real hentai game, it's slave Lord, in Flash, €0. "Material girl" could have been better: with a less heavy writing, more interractions with the décor, more objects, or Persos... There is still a pleasant recreation for who loves this kind of lonely evening.
Multiple endings, "interesting story line"; and an uncensored version available online