Max and the Magic Marker reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
One of the best Games ever. Awesome is that you can rip it locally in the Coop. One controls Max, the other controls the magic Pen. So the Matter becomes a challenge very quickly, even if the five-year-old Son rushs through the Level with Max And Dad is Allowed to keep him alive by Means of Magic Maker ^ ^ Just a shame that the Game on Steam can no longer be bought, since Microsoft gets hold of all the Keys (and Rights?) Has.
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Microsoft from Spain
You Can See more reviews like this in the Mentor PIXEL 404 This Review does not contain spoilers sometimes we find games really interesting and original for the novelty of their proposal. They are Usually games that come out of the usual standard and risk offering something little seen before. This is the case with this game. In This adventure, we will control Max, a child who was drawing quietly at home when, suddenly, the monster he had drawn comes to life and begins to create chaos. When he finds out, Max decides to get inside that world to finish him off. The Game offers a typical platform approach. We Will Have to jump, run and all that sort of thing, but the original of this game is that we will have a marker that we have to use to draw objects that help Max to overcome the different challenges that arise. For example, Max can reach a very high area where he won't be able to access unless he makes a big jump. To do this, we will have to create with the help of our marker a ramp where you can climb Max and also create a great stone that we launch from the Heights. Like This example, there are hundreds. And It will be us who have to find out what Max needs to overcome all obstacles. In Addition, the ink of the magic marker will not be infinite, so we can not do everything we want, making this fact that everything becomes more interesting. The game clearly has a childish look, but that is not to say that it cannot be enjoyed by the whole world. After all, not every day we can paint on our monitor freehand and that will become a playable element. The graphics of the game are very nice, and they are pretty well done. And the same goes for music, with some pretty catchy and entertaining melodies. In General, like all the rest of the game, because if there is something that highlights of this game is your kindness. It will Not be a challenge to finish the game, but be sure it will be a rather enjoyable and entertaining experience. Besides being a pretty original. Therefore, if you are looking for something different from what you have seen before, this game can offer you what you are looking for. Originality and entertainment friendly and casual in equal parts.