Megaquarium reviews

Sound boring, but it is a really good, relaxing and enjoyable game.
I really would like to see more games like it, maybe more on the Zoo Tycoon vibe.

I wish there where more constant updates without having to rely on the modding community, but it's ok.
«Sit back and relax»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Bored of your Goldfish? Build the largest Aquarium With a Megaquarium and swap your Goldfish for a Shark! The Game key was provided To the GGC Curations free of charge gaming Experience Gameplay The Game offers 10 "Scenarios," which continuously introduce you to new Objects and are thus a well camouflaged introduction to the Game. In addition, of course, there is the sandbox mode. The sandbox mode offers you a wide Range of Options, you can either choose one of the 6 possible Starting Options or customize them. You have 4 levels of difficulty to Choose from for both Sandbox mode and the Campaign, while the Standard level offers a moderate Challenge. The Core Element of both types of games Is, of course, the Construction of your Aquarium. In addition to the Planning and Expansion of the Aquarium, it is especially necessary to manage your Staff so that everything runs smoothly, especially in view of the advanced gameplay and the higher Difficulty levels. During the Missions you are given conditions that you have to achieve, but these are also subliminal Tips on how to make your Aquarium more profitable and by not having the Goals set utopically, you often experience a Sense of Achievement. 86/100 Story Your Goal is To create an economically viable Aquarium. You start your Journey in a small "Suburban Aquarium" And before you know, you work for a stone-rich Fish Enthusiast. Technical Aspects Graphics The Game has a cute Toutch Due to the "Low" Poly style and the Pastel Colors used. Through the Use of well-distintive Icons, the most important Information about Visitors and Aquariums is conveyed directly. The UI is distributed around the entire edge Of the screen, giving a clear View of the Game. While more minimizable Windows might make it look less cluttered, this is more beside the point. For that, the Game has a small Problem with open Windows. As soon as you click on an Object, a Window opens and after a While your whole screen is only full of Information Windows about the individual Objects, and that could be a little polished. By and Large, these are Ping-things. 80/100 Music I feel like it's stick Music when it comes to Music, especially because I've seen the Days a Report with a very similar musical Background. Nevertheless, the musical Accompaniment has succeeded, the Melodies used fit perfectly with a Sandbox/construction game and no Monotomy emerges due to the different Pieces, which also have a Development in themselves. 74/100 Inconvenience I have encountered a Problem that can best be described as something like an input lag, but the Developer went straight into it and I haven't come across the Problem since the Update. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⚖ My Opinion Of Megaquarium is a very successful Game. Even if Fish may not be the most interesting Animals for many, the Game does a good Job of keeping you Happy and still offers you a very challenging Challenge. Would I be very happy about possible Extensions! 82/100 If you have any Questions or Suggestions, I am Available in the Comments for more Reviews of Gamers for Gamers, follow our Curator program