Melatonin reviews

Man, that's why indie games are so rich in soul.

Playing this game late at night when I couldn't sleep made me think it was made for me. The art direction is flawless. Such creativity in the scenarios made you curious about the next rhythm dream and the themes speak directly with it. Plus, props to the dev team for an amazing OST they made.

Speaking of gameplay, the controls are very simple. The rhythm also, in most scenarios at least. Basically, you have a tutorial, the actual scored level, and then hard mode [the best one, since is not that hard, but way more satisfying]. You can customize a level, but I didn't try it. The game is short, but the content is top-tier in terms of quality. 

Although, I feel like the game could be more challenging (rhythm-wise] and demand more acc to the players. Not all levels are that addictive, with made me think how great it would be if this game had sort of community official levels, with different songs and all, so in the end, you can choose to play the levels you most like.
«OST on repeat»