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WASD to Move // Space to Jump // Mouse to Look Around 

This game is an abstract representation of my ADHD. You play as me, in my mind, as I struggle to concentrate. Before my attention flips from one task to another you have to jump onto a task and stay there to complete it. I chose this as my topic because it's something I deal with daily and I thought it would be an interesting thing to try to have other people experience, at least to a small degree. 

Making the game was difficult because I'm bad at both programming and 3D modeling. I had the most fun coming up with the concept and figuring out how I wanted to convey it, but some of the mechanics I wasn't able to include just because of time. Once I was really sitting down to code it all I had an alright time figuring out how to make all the things I wanted to include work together (it would be a stretch to call it "fun") but the 3D modeling was the least fun I think just because I'm very new to it and need a lot more time practicing. I don't think I made any particularly "good" or "bad" decisions, but there were a few things I wish I'd done differently at the beginning of the project, mostly from an organizational standpoint, that would have helped me with the functionality later on. However, I feel like a lot of that just chalks up to inexperience with code. 

Release date
Mar 16, 2019
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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