Metal Planet reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
"Metal Planet"-a futuristic multiplayer shooter, good looking, well-optimized and has a number of interesting features that distinguish it from the aegis of similar action in the first person. Here you saddle the fur and fight against the enemy, trying to take control of the territory of the battlefield. This game is perfect for players with weak computers, as it has a number of simplifications graphics component, which gives much less strain on the processor and graphics card. Unfortunately, a number of other problems are unlikely to allow you to enjoy what is happening on the screen. Speaking about the gameplay, it is worth noting that despite the scarcity of variety, unique things "Metal Planet" still possesses. The Local three classes of fighters are endowed with different characteristics and the Primoskami not available to others. With the "Soldier" everything is obvious-it's two guns, shooting at the press of the right and left mouse buttons, plus a rocket. The "defense" Class is able to heal companions, as well as to set a temporary protective field that protects against damage to you and allies inside. The Third class special attack can temporarily drown out the opponent's suit, which will not be able to move for a few seconds. The Cool thing here is that each class is played in its own way, with its own winning tactics, and to win requires coordinated action of the team. In Addition, maps and modes are quite enough to feel all the differences in the mechanics of all kinds of troops. Well, the music drank really good. However, if all of the above you already had to liking, do not rush to throw to buy this game, as the minuses still has much more... With all its "uniqueness" of the gameplay, it feels very slow and clumsy. If you expected something like "Unreal Tournament" or even more so "Titanfall", then it is very vain. You will not be able to feel the same level of immersion, as even the hint of return or hit the enemy and the satisfaction of his murder is not felt. The Local wars look like plastic, mixed with a bunch of pale effects and explosions. All This is well reflected in the performance, but, pardon, when the background is a static picture, where in the sky with a giant explosion undermined spaceship, look at him in the same position for ten minutes becomes just Ridiculously. Do you remember What I said about the music drink that's not bad? Not only that it is one of only three tracks in the game, it also randomly begins to play during the shootings and then fades when everything is calm. After a while, it begins to be seriously annoying, and in general it is difficult to play each session for twenty minutes long in such conditions. Well, the main stumbling block on the way to buying Metal Planet is that it is simply not interesting to anyone. For three hours personally I managed to catch only two live players in online matches, and then without the support of voice chat. Although It is possible to include bots, you know that this is not the same. In General, get the developers to the mechanics of shooting, getting more classes and, at least, handing the music that plays in the shootout, for the entire match without fading, and making the game free, could be said about her possible return to Viability, but the budget in all aspects, frankly the development attitude of developers to their own brainchild, as well as the lack of advertising and interest from the players, crushed "Metal Planet" under the root, leaving nothing in it that would induce Gamers to look at it. Why is this review worth a thumbs up, you ask? It is very simple-I advise this game to all those who are interested in the visual aid of how, possessing excellent ideas in terms of mechanics, you can ruin a potentially entertaining network shooter. This is actually a monument of all sorts of mistakes, which allows every developer of games of this genre, but they are gathered here all together. I Sincerely advise, if you really have nowhere else to spend the extra hundred rubles, and you want to zapalat a review on any tresh or simply to feel all that haltur that here is visible to the naked eye, and, as to know, can learn something about In the process. In All other cases, do not touch the Metal Planet and the three-metre stick.