Meteorites (generationstudios)

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Float through space and use your lasers to blast the meteors, the goal of the game is just to have fun and get the highest score possible. You have 3 lives to achieve this goal before your score counter resets! Thank you everyone, this is my first game EVER. I really appreciate your feedback.

Updates: This is early access of the game, new and harder levels will be added, a main menu, and more! So just stay tuned! As of now no date is set for any updates (minor or major)

Controls: Arrow Keys for movement, Space bar for shooting, and Escape for pause.

Current Version: 0.9.1

Update News:

0.4 Update: Pause Menu added and main menu added

0.5 Update: New spaceship (player), new laser color, improved collision boxes, and stars added in background, new player explosion sound

0.6 Update: UFO (Alien) Enemies added

0.6.1 Update: UFO bug fixed (they were not giving points when destroyed)

0.6.2 Update: Game no longer needs installer, now in single runtime executable

0.7 Update: When player explodes, screen shakes, temporary invincibility added after death (before you could respawn on top of asteroids causing frustration)

0.8 Update: update adds an experimental mode (which will receive updates) and a Level 2.

0.8.1 Update: fixes menu, experimental mode was deleted because it would mess the game up, level 2 FPS fixed.

0.9 Update: Levels 3 and 4 added as well as the boss battle.

0.9.1 Update: Boss collision fixed the boss now shoots sideways as well making it more difficult.

No discovered bugs!

Will receive updates!!!

Visit us at:

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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