Microsoft Allegiance reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
In General, the game is actually chic. The Truth is depressing the lack of players. Essence. This is a space battle simulator in the "liquid" space. Each side has its own commander, who manages the resources for the construction of bases, portals, defensive fortifications and other Nishtyakov. He manages the builders, the miners and the players themselves, who are essentially units. In Fact, it is BF2 in space, with a deeper commander's work. What would be easier to understand the essence write pluses \ cons. Pros: Free. Fights 100 for 100 (you want to see, but still alas. They Say there is prime time.) a Huge expanse for strategy and tactics. From escort of construction ships to camping and mining of black holes. Huge potential for team play. Dial your friends, learn to play, and create an elite link with a specific goal or universal. Ship Fitting (Equipment collection). Collect the ship for specific purposes and under your gameplay. Cons: Extremely not friendly interface. Non-Standard ship control. Knowledge of English Is important. Language. The Graphofonium. A Game for people capable of playing in EvE Online, but willing to play the action in PvP and personally clamp the gap.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
For newer players, the graphics are seriously dated so are the controls. I needed an houre to set them up for me personally. But in all truth, if u can look past the graphics, you'll find a hidden gem of a game with increadible gameplay value. This game is 2 games in one. You have 2 teams competing over sectors and resources. You have the commander putting up bases and managing resources RTS-stile. You have the units, humans doing the dirty work. The game starts with scouts discovering all the resources, finding hidden tech and enemy movements. For the average players, there are alot of intense and heroic moments. The game has it all, dogfights, bomber runs, base defence. In rare cases the game drags on so long that games escalate into capital ship battles. They are not AI controlled, but controlled by humans, with increadible power tech. Unlike Elite Dangerous that took 2 years to allow players to board other players vessels, this game had it in 2000. U can man a turret onboard a bomber or capital ship and shoot the enemy players in their faces. The game also has tech upgrades, u start with basic tech and slowly research better guns/missiles/anti missiles. But beware, the enemy can also steal your tech! If u allow them to pick up the remaints of a destroyed teammate and bring it home, they also will have your upgrade guns! Unless they went stealth, and u suddenly lose a base by a stealth bomber u didnt spot early enough.... Just try it out, its free anyway.