Midvinter reviews

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Midvinter is a short but good Game that leaves you feeling warm. With beautiful Atmospheres like in a Good Night Story.The developer describes the Game as "cozy little point-and-click fairy-tale" and that's exactly what is true. So If you just want to play something, you've come to the right place. PRO + Simple but loving Story. Inspired by Norse Mythology. + Different Endings based on different Types of games. + Atmospheric Soundtrack + Achievements and Tranding Cards + The Gnome is an old Man, which is why the slow Run Animation fits. But if you are bothered by it, you can activate in the "Fast Walk" menu. :) + The first Game was created by Talecore and by only one Person in 6 Montaten. CONTRA-Very short-No Steam Cloud Support. NEUTRAL-With me, there was a Bug where the Gnome could no longer move and could not interact with anything. But after reloading, it went again.
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If a GNOME really does the cleaning instead of humans, I want one. Midvinter, released in 2016, is a dot & click where one embodies a GNOME, living below a human House, and tries to do everything to protect them as well as the farm where they live, and the forest next door. I have always loved stories based on Northern legends, and Midvinter is based on it. One embodies a GNOME, living below a House, freshly habed by humans, whose wife is expecting a child. A troll arrives, and wants to exchange his child with that of humans. You, the GNOME, protector of the House and its domain, will do everything to prevent it. So we try to find help among the people of the forest, and/or we manage by ourselves. There will be different actions to be done, in both cases, but you will have to find out for yourself. The gameplay is very simple, you direct your GNOME with the click of the mouse, making it go to the objects that interest you. You also have a map to travel between all the places available. The game has several different purposes, depending on the objectives you have fulfilled. The 100% success is linked to these different purposes. The game has a lifespan of about 25min, and if you want to discover the other ends, as well as all the characters of the game, one can push up to 1h of play. Graphically coherent and clean, the environments stick perfectly with the atmosphere and the universe of the game. The soundtrack of the game, as well as the doublings, are perfectly fitting and successful, plunging us into the Nordic universe of the game. There is no VF or VOSTFR. N.B.: in the same universe and atmosphere, there is year walk, for the curious--> see here conclusion: a very good point & click, for all fans of Nordic mythology, or just curious. A little short, you will have to wait for the balances so as not to feel cheated by the price. ____ If you have found this evaluation useful, come join our curation page!