Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free PC Analysis: Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Read full review at Yume Magazine [revistayumecr.com] WayForward has extended us a Steam code to play Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition on PC. Before starting I want to mention that this game first I got to play it on Nintendo 3DS and was delighted with the level of challenge and the whole environment presented; Now I will have the opportunity to experience this adventure again but from PC and graphics much better than those experienced in WiiU. Well, the story is really simple but that's because the game is merely puzzles and platforms. We Are A police officer named Patricia Wagon and our hostages, the Hooligan sisters have escaped from our prison because the security car where they were crashed. Our mission is very simple: catch them all and put them behind bars again. If We talk about gameplay, it is the same as we experienced in the Nintendo 3DS. Of Course, this time it is on PC but the controls are really simple and we will have the same commands to move, jump, shoot and change the blocks with our helmet. Actually this game has perfect controls, in any version I came to play I had problems and rather are really easy to learn. The graphics on this delivery are enhanced to full power. In fact the colors are extremely pleasing to the eye and the rate of frames is incredibly stable, the game runs very fluently and maximizes the power of a PC. Also, for those of us who are a little more console and nostalgic, the game has the option of playing with "Pixel Patricia" which is nothing more or nothing less than the pixelated version of our character. It Doesn't look as good as I expected, but it doesn't stop liking me to play as it reminds me of the Nintendo 3DS version. As expected the game has no 3D effect, but that's the least if we think. Everything is improved, including the soundtrack that has been remastered and sounds amazing. Actually, the composer Jake Kaufman did an excellent job with this OST, it's my favorite. Although we can pass the original 16 levels, plus the 5 extras that we receive in the versions for consoles in about 2 hours or a little more; The game has incredible replayability because at the end of the game unblock the levels "Hyper". They Are the same versions but remixed and more complex than the original ones. Anyway, there are table of positions online so we can try to break the record of all users, we can repeat the levels as we want. In General The game is the same released in consoles, but with excellent improvements in what are graphics, sound, animations and color. If I played it before in Nintendo 3DS and I got to try it on WiiU, I'm happy to play it again on PC; This is one of those games that you do not get tired of playing again and again, even in moments of stress or a lot of work is an excellent option of relaxation. If They did not acquire this game a couple of years ago when I was only in Nintendo consoles, I think this is the ideal time to do it, and PC users will have the possibility to try one of the great launches of WayForward. No more to say: Mighty Switch Force is an excellent saga, actually here we are waiting to announce a third installment because Mighty Switch Force 2 also fulfilled our expectations. Rating: 9.6/10