Mind Spheres reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Completed ALL levels exceeded, ALL achievements obtained. Pinball style Puzzle of relaxing ambience that entertains a couple of hours and then is totally forgotten. Mind Spheres dazzles with a beautiful and perhaps excessive graphical environment for what it really brings as a game, but the mind is today very cloudy with too simple, repetitive levels, some annoying visual and gameplay bugs and a campaign too Short. It May be good for restless children to receive some entertaining calm, little more. Graphics and Technology > > > OKAY! + 1.7 points The Strong point of the game without any doubt, three-dimensional graphics 6G of extraordinary quality tablets in just 142 Mb of disc use and many colorful neon effects. The game takes time to delight itself with the use of that environment offering camera twists and sequences in reality unnecessary, but that beautify the whole. However it must be said, at least in my PC (equip GTX650) Sometimes in full screen is a bug that erases textures leaving the game unplayable until you load these textures again (you can correct that by changing the resolution options to Window mode). History and Levels > > > POOR + 0.5 points There is No history, there is a sequence of 50 levels organized in 5 worlds of 10 levels each one that seeks a certain progression of difficulty. However, the difficulty of the game in the most cases is family casual. At no time is it a challenge for the player. With the same idea, simply placing the pieces better, it could make a game muchísmo more difficult but did not, perhaps pretending instead a kind of Zen garden where to dispense with difficulty will increase the perception of calm and peace. It Is possible that they did, but, I expected something more from "mind" spheres, there is no mental effort. Music and Sounds > > > OK! + 1.5 points a more than correct soundtrack that helps to relax the player is completed very well with the sounds of the game; The fall of the spheres, the sound of the pieces by turning or colliding with each other... Beautiful sounds that have a great atmosphere and very well achieved. Also, even in the levels of more action or quantity of pieces in play the sounds are never martilleantes or heavy like in a pinball, if not that they always get the right touch not to diminish the calm that transmits the whole product. Control and Gameplay > > > OK + 1 point The controls are comfortable and work well, but only mouse and keyboard allowed. However the game has at least three serious consideration bugs that you must know. First, I've already talked about the full-screen graphical bug that loads textures and prevents you from playing. Second, bugs sometimes occur in orange pieces where the sphere crosses the piece, being trapped on the other side and thus forcing the level to repeat. It could have Been corrected easily by trying the game. But the worst of all is that SOMETIMES THE GAME DOES NOT SAVE THE ADVANCE, forcing you to repeat many levels or play it all followed. Steam Integration > > > OK + 1.1 points In This case the progression of achievements is correct and consistent with the game, offering a unlockable achievement for each group of ten levels. Since the levels are very easy, the achievements are also because the biggest point of frustration offered by the game are their bugs. Plus, it also has Steam chromes. As for the price, it is another of the games that I acquired on sale of Steam for less than a €uro, it is a fair price for what it offers, so it is recommended purchase as long as it is under that type of massive offers. FINAL CONCLUSION > > > 5.8 Let your mind rest As I have explained, in the background Mind Spheres is a relaxation game. It has no difficulty, has no mental effort and although it has objectively serious bugs that do not tarnish a beautiful and colorful environment that entertains and abstracts. FOR A handful of cents you can not ask for much more, just begging the developer to correct the three bugs I mentioned, which have subtracted much note to the game. I Can recommend the game as approved as long as it is clear that it is not a challenge, can be good for casual or children, Compradlo under Steam offer and do not pay more than a dollar for it.