Miniature Garden reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Miniature Garden is an indie visual novel anime-style game, developed by Muzintou and published by Fruitbat Factory on March 30, 2017 on PC, via the Steam platform. The game is available in English and Japanese. Our history is held in a prestigious school, called Miniatures Garden. Yasunari Igusa, a boy like many, is busy doing some school chores with his childhood friend from Ayana. As usual, every three years, the event of the Miniature Festival is organized. Mysterious rumors Circulate around this event, where some students encounter death in an unnatural and hideous way during the night of the festival. After noticing a mysterious silver-haired girl, Yasunari feels that there is something familiar about her but she cannot explain it. The next day, after receiving a mysterious message from a student and going to the meeting place, Yasunari is shot in the back. Waking up in class with her friend Ayana, she discovers that other students were trapped in the school during the festival. Together with his friend Itsuki, the gracious Sumika and the mysterious Rio, our friends will try to survive and understand the dark mysteries of their school, which has been inexplicably deserted and silent. Prepare yourself for a mysterious story, in which illusion and reality merge to give life to a dark affair, full of twists and unexpected surprises. We Can enjoy every aspect of the plot as if we were seeing an anime, making some choices that will lead us to one of the many endings, to be unlocked during the game. The main characters are made in a fantastic way, thanks to the graphic style of the illustrator Korie Riko (the same as Lump of Sugar) and the beautiful music of Kanade Nakoto, who will accompany us in every chapter of mystery and suspense. Yasunari will have to use all his skills to come to the head of the mysteries that Lurr in the school, aided by his companions, each with his own personal story to be discovered during the course of the affair. Being a well-crafted visual novel, Miniature Garden is an anime that develops before our eyes. According To the choices it will have to make throughout history, Yasunari will have to remain focused on the facts, trying not to go crazy between hallucinations and dark presentiments of death, which put a strain on the boundary between reality and illusion. Despite the small number of characters with which our Yasunari can interact in the course of the story, the presence of various endings (which will change depending on the type of choice we will follow during some events), along with the fantastic Characterizing the protagonists, the environments, the engaging music in the background and the crazy voices during the numerous dialogues of the game, guarantee an excellent replay value and an intriguing story with mysterious and obscure contours, in which nothing is What seems and every action leads to the light of unexpected revelations, forgotten truths and devastating consequences that break all the certainty of the world in which we live. Personal Vote: 90/100