Minit reviews

If I had to describe Minit in two words?

Wickedly fun.

I gave it a try based on good reviews but I was ready to drop it the minute (pun!) I got bored. The world is banal looking, almost featureless, in black and white, and you play as a walking blob with legs. It’s almost straight out of a 5-year-old’s imagination.

So to my surprise when I died 60 seconds into the game and started back at my house, I tried to get just a little…bit…further in the map. And then I died again, exactly 60 seconds later.

Minit = minute. As in that’s how long you get to play before dying. It’s not a gimmick and it’s not frustrating. I felt like a detective and an adventurer, discovering ways to get just a little further each time by finding new save spots, shortcuts, and powerups.

I felt like a genius when I searched and found all the hotel guests scattered across the land—it’s not a very big land, except for that endless track of sand. The game was over before I knew it but not after challenging me to very clever puzzles. Those ghosts have some cryptic and hilarious clues to make you want to go solve those puzzles.

I didn’t know I had beaten it, but that feeling of, “oh, it’s over”, was in keeping with the brief nature of the protagonist’s challenge of battling his/her way to the end 60 seconds at a time. I loved all the themes stuffed into this almost featureless landscape and the clever use of basic pixels, character movement, and the clock, to build an interesting narrative and world. It’s a novelty worth checking out.

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I think it's a pretty fun game
Short and cute, Minit's got a lot of charm in a little package. Easy to beat in one sitting, the puzzles are interesting without being too difficult to wrap your head around.
Short but spicy and that on every run. Funny how one loop can be so entertaining.
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Microsoft from French
Well, the concept of minit is funny but unfortunately it stops there... The music is OK, the pixel art is OK, the path of the game OK, replayability OK... A little disappointed anyway but it remains a nice game that is done in 2H (4H for the 100%, all successes), to be taken on sale (€10 it's a bit pricey). Alright/20
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Microsoft from French
I like the concept, I like the design and the gameplay. Repeating the same actions again and again is not disturbing at all. We are constantly challenged on the optimization of our actions while being immersed in a world that reminds me a bit of Zelda the adventures of link on the other hand I find it too bad that the game is so short and the end I find a little baclée. I think this game could have kept us hours in suspense if the dev had extended the universe a few dozen maps. I'll start the game again to unlock more buys but I already know it will be too short, too bad.
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Microsoft from French
Product received for free small game very nice. It ends fast enough: about 5-7h to make a 100%, and the said 100% is not hyper difficult. I advise to do at least the normal mode and the new game + mode. The NG + leaves only 40 seconds to act, which makes it necessary to be fast and precise in our actions. Compared to normal mode some elements are slightly modified/moved to be done in 40 seconds and also sometimes to push the execution to the second close. This makes the game a bit harder but it's still affordable. Graphically for pixel art as simple (black and white, sprites minimized) it makes good. It's simple but effective. The music is nice and stick to the atmosphere.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I'm honest, I find it hard to evaluate the Game. -The Idea is really well implemented, also I find the Limit of 60 Seconds does not seem stressful but-after just under 3 Hours I have seen everything from the Game, the Price is correspondingly high-you should have no Ambition to get the Maximum Out of the individual Runs Apart from the New Game +, there is also no real Incentive to play the Game again-the New Game + ... I'm honest here the Game became personally stressful for me (only 40 instead of 60 Seconds), the Environment was changed a bit (made harder) and only 1 Life Everything in All Was Fun for me, although I will probably never start it again, also did the New Ga I + the Gaming Experience In hindsight very spoiled. So If you want to try something New, don't have the Time for long games anyway (as a Father with a kid, I feel the Same way in principle) and the game in the best Case in the Sale receives for a Fraction of the Price is welcome to access here.
Haiku Review: The concept is great / It will not cost you much money / You should play this game
Favorite Thing: There's not much you can do in 60 seconds. It makes for an interesting challenge.
Least Favorite Thing: The time limit can get pretty frustrating when you're stuck.

Date Completed: 2018-11-08
Playtime: ~ 1h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Definitely give it a go.
The music and visuals offset even the little duration of the game. I enjoyed it very much and I think it’s really great. I like that the game is played within 60 seconds - this mechanics is awesome.
«Can’t stop playing»
This game seems to be only semi-finished. If it was made by a single person, it would be understandable but for a team project the quality is quite bad. As for me, it can get only 5/10. The game’s biggest failures - lofi graphics, brevity and limited controls - are not compensated with good things to offer the player. There’s no time-based puzzles either. That’s strange for a game where time is the main mechanics. This game is totally over-hyped. And it definitely isn’t worth $10.