Mist Survival reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review A small but very promising survival game with great Potential and good Ideas. It's based on the popular Unreal engine-even if it offers more graphically, it's already handsome. It has only been developed by an (unknown) programmer so far, but the Man is doing everything right so far and is quite competent. In the case of negative Reviews (as is customary with Early Access) it is often read that it offers too little Content, Bugs are criticized and the like. Who buys it should be Aware that it is an early Alpha and it will take a long time (2020 according to the developer) for a half-finished Game to emerge from it. The Map is relatively small and partly a Construction Site, many Mechanics and Contents are missing-Graphics and AI are also more likely to be in the Initial Stage. The Guides also have a Map (Beware Spoilers, better explore yourself): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/945082621714048693/5314DC02E97444B84BB884E203524A029F89A815/However, the Basic Framework is solid, the Developer also has a Sensible Roadmap (for this Year). He responds to Suggestions and fixes the reported bugs in a timely Manner, has good Ideas himself and can implement them. He thinks About a Co-op mode and wants to deliver it at some point, but a lot of the Code has to be rewritten and it reasonably doesn't make any Time. Currently, the Game time (at least to explore the Map and build the Bare minimum) is about 6-20 hours, some Freaks can already reach ~ 100h and also complain when they have rented everything, built a sensibly large Base, etc.-the previous Contents are at least Sufficient to have your Fun temporarily and the Game runs fluidly, I didn't have a Crash or Problems like that. Already there are 3 NPC, which can be freed from bandit camps and can take Over tasks in their own Base. This, too, is still very expandable, but especially for Single-player important and sensible-this hardly offers another Game. The injury and Inventory System is good, even driving Is quite ok (and not a Given). It should also (at some point) offer an interesting Backstory or a Plot line, it is about Extraterrestrials (cocoons can already be seen In a hidden Military Base). The normal Zombies are just the Beginning, two more Species (Berserker and Tank) are in The works, as is a sniper bandit and more Wildlife. The Idea with the Mist is good, even if it is currently almost too easy, for example to kill free-running and aging Zombies with an Axe in one Fell swoop without being Harmed yourself. Bears can also be killed relatively easily, two Headshots with a Gun or a Shot with the Shotgun rich. Bandit camps are also rather simple, sneaky peaky doesn't have to be-just run Sideways to the entrance with a Shotgun And the 4-5 somewhat stupid Bandits ball away or even let themselves be surrounded and with the Axe killen goes mostly as well. The Game so far is only in English, it will receive (at some point) a German translation. Some Mechanics are not quite obvious (E.g. preserve Meat with Salt via the normal crafting menu [I-key] and then still dry, it is in any case generally realistic and functional. The previous Contents can convince of various Weapons such as Pistol, Shotgun, assault rifle (Hunting Rifle in Development), two Arches, three Quivers, Melee weapons via an (upgradable) workbench, wood block, Sawmill, Water treatment & Storage, Melting furnace & Forge, two Dry Racks, four Beds & Sleeping Bag, generator, Distillery, two Refrigerators, various Containers for Storage, chicken coop, three Wooden Pallisads & Gate, Fence, Floodlight Emitter & Wall Lamp is already there a lot. Conclusion: A Lot of Potential, good Ideas and you can't really complain about the implementation or Playability that has been achieved so far. It is estimated that around 100,000 Copies have now been sold, so that further Development should be secured and 2-3 Employees can also be paid for-two Artists are afaik on Board and the Developer is doing a good Job. Edit: Jup, more People were hired (at least one Level Designer for a Year) and the whole Card is remade and expanded. :-)