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Modest Kind

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You wake up, imprisoned in decaying time vault. Place is crawling with Convicts gone mad, Memeplex creatures childishly wrecking everything and ancient artifacts of history lying around. Uncover the truth behind this place. Think you're smart enough to get out?GameplayTeam Vedanta presents Modest Kind, a Rogue-lite Initiation Adventure. Ever heard of Entropy, The Selfish Gene and Schrödinger's cat? This action-heavy, story-driven top-down dungeon crawler will put your knowledge to the test. Your Path to Enlightment begins now.Key Features: Procedurally-generated rooms, astonishing bosses, fun enemies and endless artifacts Use your determination and skills to fight back hoards of Meme-like Infants with a weapon of your choice Customize your firearms: shotguns, muskets, crossbows, bio-weapons, machine guns, rocket launchers and more Play, learn new facts and train your brain solving Trivia riddles Lore-rich and story driven adventure of humanity's last stand in putrescent world of knowledge

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista or newer
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated Audio
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Modest Kind reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
So. 1. The Plot. He's not here. That is, he is, but he is not. It reminds the novice writer of science fiction, where the protagonist wakes up with a big Perpoya and does not remember anything, only in contrast to the Perpoya, here the main character-schoolboy, take away incomprehensible who and wonder why. It would Seem banal, and then why not? This is Where the main disadvantage lies. There is no presentation and disclosure, no emotion and experience, and the plot is fed on the black screen text. Let's Take a simple example:-Two: Me and My shadow; -Love Carrots; -A Boy in a girl; Chick. This is all one genre of movies, about reincarnation. They all resemble each other, having a huge resemblance and, in an inete, full of similar films. It's Full of games about kidnapping, but it's the filing itself. There'S no filing. 2. The Gemplay. Well, let's say we took a leaf from the 2nd grade, and a little step-up, made it a "plot", but tell me-why, instead of people in black, in the dungeons full of all sorts of incomprehensible creatures? How could a schoolboy remove his handcuffs and why the gun was lying on the floor? The maniac was Planted, who served 40 years in Spetsnaz-he removed the handcuffs, and then the bass, still in the cell gun lies-already silly, but there is a schoolboy. ALLILLO!!! Maybe It's some other world, but then again--look at the first point--where's the story? There Is such a series "Black mirror"-There is also a little of our worlds, but there is a feed, there is life, and here what? All right, all right, gemplay. The Gemplay is taken from an old game which is consonant with the word "Pokemon", whether it is the Hegemon, or the Pandomon or somehow, where there were endless rooms and play the game could be several thousand hours to just pass it. I doubt that the man who created the game saw that-for there are robots-this is the whole style of the game. The Robot can be pumped and put into millions of different combinations, and only a variety of bosses in the game around 200. I Do not remember the name of the game... The Graphics are not acting, but everything is visible and understandable. Here we go to the rooms and do not understand why, because our goal is to escape from some prison, which was built by squares, where there is any rabble, some mummies and all the other is also unclear. We kill all, shoot... How fun... Okay, there was one thing that pleased me. The Quest Element where you want to answer questions. What is Lymerik? I don't know what this verse is, and why should I know? Here or make an educational game, or already give clues. If the first option, then you need to choose the theme. Author, who are the quasars? And without the Gugla? The Second option simply fell off. I did not like the game, no matter how it seemed colorful-it's just a shell that hides the gloom and the gray of the old notebook. Author, work on yourself, let's play the soul, you can, and do not make such silly stories. Shoot A review of the game Gemplya-do not see the point, because you can play it, allotted 2 hours, if you do not like, you know what to do, and therefore spread the mini-review. https://youtu.be/EOhN_DC1h_c
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