Monopoly for Nintendo Switch reviews

The main gameplay takes most of the hassle out and speeds up the game. There was just enough time to say something or grab a handful of chips between turns. Unlike early reviews, the frame rate is steady and load times fixed. The game worked great with 5 people on one Switch, everyone using their own JoyCon, JoyCon Grip, Pro and 8bitdo controllers. It automatically pulled player names from user profiles, or lets you use "Player X."

▫ Guests cannot set their name, and only the first 6 profiles can be used.
▫ The menus for selling, mortgaging and trading take getting used and slow down the game a bit.
▫ The bus on speed die rules doesn't always let you see where you will land. (I wish we could move the camera with the joystick.)
▫ If you forget how much rent you have to pay, you have to exit out of the menus to sell or trade to see the amount. (Showing rent on the left, unused part of the screen would fix this.)

Positive points
▫ Automatic and nice looking
▫ Uses user accounts
Negative points
▫ Menus and trades inputs take getting used to