Monster Jam Battlegrounds reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Game: Monster Jam Is a bad Trials Clone that can only splurge With the beautiful Cars. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Single Player: You have different Game Modes driving Skills, stadium events and Stunt Mode. Driving can drive off a Parkour in 2.5D and finish it in the allotted Time and Tasks like a Pair of Cars to run over. At the Stadium Events you only have to drive in Circles 1x times and Win and in Stunt mode you just have to drive on a Pair of Frames and turn the Joystick. For everything you get Stars that are there to unlock new Stracks, you also get Points for every Race you complete. The Points you have to take to The Tuning In order to be able to create later levels, and you can also use them to unlock new Cars (all of which, in my Opinion, drive the same). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Graphics: The Graphics are quite OK, but all Screens and Videos on the Store Page are completely edited. There are no Options for Graphics or Resolution settings at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music: The Music is Ok, some Metal that always sounds the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Control: The Control is a Grey, in 2.5D Mode you can still bear it, but everything you want to control around a Corner Doesn't work out at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pro/Contra: + Monster Trucks + German Menu-poor Translation-ghastly control-boring Maps-no Editor-short Play time 2 Hours--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conclusion: A nice Idea, but unfortunately totally dirty. I had been looking forward to a fun Monster Truck Game and had to recognize a Trial Clone and with a bad Addition of Stunts and Co. Nevertheless, I played it almost completely, I did not unlock every Car (you would have to play every Map felt 1000x for that) but every Map and 3 Cars completely tuned. Despite the bad Control and my not particularly good Playing I got 3 Stars at almost all Levels, apparently the Game is very undemanding what can and Practice. I can only advise anyone to buy this Game, it's not a £14.99n value. I wouldn't even want to have it for less, only Free You could take it with you as a 2 Hour Pastime. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Summarized: Single player: 2/10 Graphic: 6/10 Music: 2/10 Control: 2/10----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------Game: 3/10