Monster Puzzle reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Monster Puzzle is a game with a very clear intention: to offer a good number of levels at an incredibly low price. It Bets on a technical section very simple, with few boasts and its potential lies in the design of its levels. We Will Have to move through a few small scenarios taking spheres and return to the rocket without falling and without getting stuck. At The Beginning it will be easy, but the difficulty is gradually rising, reaching some very complicated end levels. We Have many types of soil: slippery, winged, tapes that move us... That we will have to know very well to develop a strategy to follow. One false step and we'll have to restart. It Is true that he would have been thankful that he had a few more high difficulty levels, but nonetheless, for €1 he will offer us a couple of hours of insured entertainment. You Can read a much broader analysis here:
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Monster Puzzle is a little puzzle game. Somewhere far, far away, in a different World. Little Monsters inhabit this Quadrant. Or better these Squares. Even better, this Square. Because all Levels are made up of small Squares. We're a rather sweet blue Monster, launching at one Point in the Map and having to get to the Rocket that takes us to the next of the 50 Levels. Along the Way, we should pick up yellow Things, as far as everyone. Stupid only: There are Squares we can only enter once before they dissolve, or Squares on which we slip and land on the square behind it. Opponents can annoy us, too. From such and similar Mechanics now emerges a Kind Of Puzzle, because there is usually only one Way that leads us to the Rocket and also allows us to pick up all the yellow Ones. And this Path will not only not be an easy one, but also gladly a convoluted one. A basically good and intelligent Concept that can be quite Fun. Unfortunately, the Implementation seems so strangely cheap that it is not really convincing. Almost most cruel is the Music for which the Term Gedudel was probably invented and which one would rather expect in a third-rate erotic adventure from the 90s. Auh Graphics and especially Animations are amazingly scrappy, look plastic and unresolved. That would be copable, but the Level Desingness also gets stuck in Mediocrity. Rating: 4/10 Atmosphere 1958 + 10 Story 4/10 Graphic Feature 52 Sound 5/10 Game Mechanics 6/10 Balancing 5/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Not monster awful, but also not monster good. 5/10 Overall Rating