Monument Builders - Alcatraz reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Clicking, building and Exercising justice Rome was also not built with one Click, but probably with many! Gameplay In "Alacatraz Builder" you do one thing above all else: Click, click, click! In small Levels, we look down on the Map from above and have to meet the Goals in short Levels. And how do we do that? Click, click, click! Because whether we send out our Workers to mine raw Materials, build Buildings or repair roads, everything runs at the Click of a mouse. Even every Transport of Goods has to be sent off first, every Crook is beaten up and every Construction Order runs through our Index finger. We need to quickly gain an Overview of Resources so that we can produce the right Goods. Against Time, we must then fulfil the Objective, taking care to free up the Transport Routes and tackle the Matter properly. For example, We need to reach a certain Spot, but it is blocked by a broken Road and a Bird sitting there. So we have to build a Cement Factory, maybe upgrade our Shop, so we get more Money, then make food that you use to distract the Bird. The Sticking Point is prioritization! Since this is a Port from the Smartphone, you can also see the Purchase System. In the Steam Version, This one has been removed and you instead get Gems that allow you to unlock Benefits before each Round. Without it it is almost impossible to reach three Stars in a Level, which I personally already tune, because the System has been replaced rather mediocally well. I also had a few Bugs, which I have occasionally been unable to complete the Levels, even though the Targets were met. Story We are allowed to help Build the famous Prison. Is this such an Honour? I want to doubt it. In any Case, we support the Architect who is sabotaged by a well-known Crook so that the Prison is not completed. Hm, well for such a smartphone game, that's ok. At least I Think. The Anecdotes and Background Information you get during the loading Screens on Alcatraz are quite nice. But otherwise, you can't expect much. Graphicat/Sound Graphic is the Game you would probably expect from a typical Android collection Game: Very colorful, cute Graphics and yet not too detailed, so that you can still keep track. So did the Soundscape. The same Soundtrack always occurs and the Workers let know when they have executed an Order. But that's it. Verdict Alcatraz Builder is a pure Click game, which you notice would be your Phone if you weren't willing to spend real Money. The Game is getting heavier and heavier, the Extras are getting more and more expensive And the three Stars, the best result for a Level, are moving further and further into the Distance. Otherwise, it's fair to say the Game is well built. If you're into plump Smartphone Adaptations that are all about Clicking. The Game would have been a Thumb to the Side for me, you could play it without poor removal of the Real Money system. While It's still playable, with the Knowledge that you can never deliver the best Result, making the Game degenerate even more into a more pointless Clicking, it's shallow Entertainment That's at best Plump employment therapy. For €5 you get too little delivered here! Criminally, my Reviews are not, but criminally good for that. For More of the same, click here.