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Microsoft from Russian
Moto RKD Dash-Arcade racing simulator, which migrated to the steam from mobile devices. And This project is a remake of the game released in the distant 81 year with the same name. The Project became a debut for a young developer and I think it was a success. So, before us a remake of the game of the 80s. With prestigious graphics, music and gameplay. I Don't think many of you have played the original. Frankly speaking, I was not honored to see him since I was born in the year 88. But The essence of this game caught. Because in my childhood there were many similar projects like this. To begin with, the developer ported the game to mobile devices, so to speak, was carried out test drive. And Moto RKD Dash got to the PC. The Plot in the game, as I expected, no. You are an unnamed racer with one single goal-to win the championship. And This championship is a little weird, I'll explain why. Okay, the first 3 levels we chase on bikes with quite real people, overtaking both them and obstacles on our way. But at 4-5 level all credibility of the game-ends. We're going to some wasteland catching some wolves. Excuse me? Wolves on a motorcycle? Most importantly, wolves rush faster than us and their very hard to catch up. After This stage everything is back to normal, and we are again engaged in the race with people. The Gameplay in the game is quite simple. In Total we need to use 4 buttons. Enter-To make our beast, W-that would switch speed, A and D-to control our vehicle. Of Course, everything sounds quite simple and usual. But the difficulty of the game gives the camera tilt. On certain parts of the map, the camera starts to tilt to the left, which causes your vehicle to slide in the same direction as the camera. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage, if you consider the tilt of the camera, other players who are going to knock you down the speed, and obstacles on the map itself. This is where the main game component of the project opens. When you collide with any object, your motorcycle starts to slow down, and, accordingly, you lose precious time and fuel. The Most important part of the gameplay is to reach the finish line before the petrol in your tank finishes. I will Tell you the truth the first three attempts I had failed, but after I got to the spirit and sorted out the mechanics and passed the game in less than half an hour. After the end of the championship you will find another surprise, but I won't tell you it, not hunting to kill intrigue;) Let me just Say that the main company will open the opportunity to enjoy the original. I've had enough for 10 minutes. Memories of the thing, of course, good, but all his time) Graphically the game is certainly very beautiful. Even if you consider that in Moto RKD only 9 stages and another bonus, work out such a number of levels for one developer-above all praise. Unfortunately, The cyclicity of the route is immediately noticed. But It is ported from a mobile device, do not forget it. Separately wanted to say a huge thank you to the Bulgarian composer "Kliment", for really amazing tracks that added the game even more charm. I would Like to add one detail, even if the main company is passing for a small period of time, the game there are Acachivki, which are knocked out by the perfect passage of all the tracks. And then we will have to try to fame to open them all. At the end of the review would like to list all the pros and cons of the project. Pros: + Pretty Simple Arcade gameplay + the Presence of 9 levels, special level and the very original game + Colorful graphics + Awesome Soundtrack Cons:-The company Itself can pass for 20-30 minutes-Cyclicity of all routes Moto RKD Dash-quite Good and, most importantly, quality port from mobile devices to PC. I Give this project 7.5 of 10-for nostalgia. * For This review I am thankful to the developer who provided the key to this game. However, this did not affect my personal view of the project. More Reviews in our curator group: Dreams of Genesis