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Motorsport Manager

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The ultimate management game for fans of motorsport.
Feel the thrill of race day. React in real-time and make split-second decisions to gain the edge on your rivals.
Master advanced technology to customise every aspect of your car’s performance.
Create a top racing team composed of drivers, managers, mechanics and designers.
Step into a living, breathing world of motorsport with you at the centre.
Have you got what it takes to become the manager of a high-performance motorsport team?
Motorsport Manager is a highly detailed, best-in-class management game for fans of motorsport. You’ll hire the drivers, build the cars and embed yourself in the dynamic world of racing.
Every single detail will need to be considered in order to push your way to the championship title. Split second decisions on the race track combine with carefully laid pre-race plans; everything from building and customising your car to race-day tactics will affect your path to either ultimate victory or epic failure.
Stop watching, start winning and take control as the manager of your own motorsport team.
The Drivers. Your drivers have unique personality types, sparking drama within the team. Will you get the best out of them with tough love, or an arm around the shoulder?
Location, Location, Location. The location of your HQ is all-important in this globe-spanning sport. Some drivers might find it hard to resist joining an Italian team...
Pick the right people. Scouring the world for hidden gems is all the more satisfying when you find a young mechanic who can shave seconds off your pit stop times.
The Factory. Build new cars and parts from scratch, then evolve the technology over multiple seasons to create the perfect driving machine.
Thinking Ahead. Make the call on every part that goes into next season’s car. Get it right, and you’ll be in the perfect position come pre-season testing.
Hone your expertise. Make detailed mechanical tweaks or choose your team’s recommendations.
The Race Weekend. Set initial strategy across practice, qualifying and race – and adjust your tactics according to on-track developments.
Master the Pitstop. Risk it all with a high speed pit stop that could put you out in front of your rivals.
Weather Systems. Dynamic and game-changing weather. Will you pit for intermediate tyres or hold out on slicks for as long as possible?

Release date
Christian West
Playsport Games
Christian West, SEGA
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+
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Last Modified: Oct 22, 2019

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Motorsport Manager reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So first of all I would like to say that I probably played as good as any F1 Manager that there was and that's why I think I can judge well what's good about the Motorsport Manager and what's not. First of all, I think it's in From the Outset to say that this is a Game that was a Tablet-/smartphone Game and then appeared for PC/Steam. This is a Motorsport Manager and F1 is not simply good, because that way you keep all Options open for the Future. The Menu guide is simple and you can see that here from the tablet/smartphone, as it is already visible almost everywhere nowadays, this scroll Function is available. Personally, I can do with the Life that is there, but I also know People who can start with this Kind of Menu nix. Visually, you shouldn't expect much, but it's when you have a reasonably up-to-date PC, it's not quite nauseous. In my Opinion, the Main Focus here is not on the Vehicles, but more and the Environment, which is quite nicely designed. Now to the Game itself. Depending on your desired, you can choose a Team from one of the 3 Hangover Calories. If Desired, also create a suites, which then takes a lot of Experience in order to be Successful. The lowest Category is applied to Junior Categories, so F3 and all that. The 2nd Category is then laid out and the Formula 2/GP2, and the highest what else and the F1. If you then have decided on a Team (which in the WMC is already quite clearly designed to the real Teams, as well as the Drivers) then go off. You are now in The Overview and can check messages, repair or improve your Car. Make New Parts. Drivers negotiate (but these are quite poorly held, for example, want the most maximum salary or premiums). New Mechanics (2 pieces, 1 per Driver each) or designer/technicians can be hired who then have values in 6 different Categories, which have an influence on the Vehicle and the Development. Furthermore, Sponsorship agreements can also be concluded, which then flush money into the Coffers (although not too much, especially in the low Categories). 3 Fixed payments can be concluded and 3 Result oriented Sponsorship contracts can be concluded. Now to the Race Weekend itself. You start by picking one of your 3 Riders for Free practice. Once one has decided, the Outsource Setup must now be chosen. Depending on the Route, for things such as Wings, Suspension is usually clear in which direction it is heading. In addition, the Driver Helps feedback just like a green bar in which one should stay in to achieve the best Results. Furthermore, various Smileys show how good the usual Setup was in the different Categories. Is the Training passing to Qualifying. You don't have to pay much attention to this, except that you bring Tyres and Brakes to the Right Temperature, which is sometimes quite difficult. On Request, the Computer also does this on its own. THANK YOU Before the Race starts, you can rethink the Tyre choice, Setup and Strategy itself. Depending on which category you are in, you can now choose between 2 or 3 different Tyres. You now give instructions to your Driving regarding Speed and Fuel Consumption. If the Tires become too hot, you should slow down, and vice versa faster if they get too cold. It's Best to try to stay in the Middle of the Ad. Gasoline can be consumed as desired as Long as you get to the Finish line with what you have;) Rain can also occur and depending on the Season, even around the 5 Degree Temperature depending on where the Race takes place. All in all, anyone's top Manager or Beginner can play this Game with fun and a lot of Fun. There are plenty of Tips in the Game for Beginners and pretty much everything is explained within the Game. As the Game continues to be processed, additional Content or DLC/Patches can also be expected for Further Time. The DLC are not necessary, but if you would like to manage cars with GT Cars or need New Challenges, you can like to strike here. I think 7 or 8/10 Points for a Manager who has a Lot of Potential however, put at some but is held to Simple. At least not as shitty as Pole Position of Calypso ...
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Was looking for a game like this when I got really into F1 last year, couldnt find a single one worth playing. Suddenly theres now two! I prefer Motorsport Manager though, as the other one is online, and f2p with boosters etc. This game has a perfect balance of simplicity and depth, no in-app purchases, you get a complete game for this price. And a damn good one at that! If youre interested in management games and motorsport, you should get this asap.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The game is quite successful, you can choose different tires or even select the strategy for the race itself. You can hire engineers and different drivers. There is even an offspring program, where the own racing team trains the offspring. However, one must keep an eye on his finances, otherwise the bankruptcy threatens. There is money for every race and you can choose sponsors. The whole game is simple and fun. I personally play it often before work about 30-45 minutes: ;-)
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
The fantastic game, has no bugs and has elementary but breathtaking graphics, there could be some improvements as for the choice of tires, given that in Formula 1 you can choose a maximum of tire trains for the race, keep those used for the tires qualifications and so on; another variant that for the most passionate of Formula 1 could lack the type of tires instead, here we have only 3 Soft, Hard and Wet choices; in formula 1 instead they have Superhard, hard, medium, soft, supersoft, ultrasoft and hypersoft based on the temperature of the road and the type of compound you want to use. A version much closer to formula 1 would be electrifying from all points of view (qualifications + race). This in my opinion the only one and also rather ridiculously faulty that it has, otherwise fantastic! Congratulations to the producers !!!
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