Mount & Blade: Warband reviews

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What Words can be used to describe Mount and Blade: Warband? I can think of the following: Captivating, Grandios, Hammer Moderately great! Content In Mount amd Blade: Warband, you are not shackled to any Person given by the Developer. You create your own Figure before each Adventure, you can change your Appearance, as well as try your hand At a very Extensive Skillary menu. However, before you turn to the Skillmenu, consider what a Role you want to play. You can become a merchant in Calaria (which is the World of Mount and Blade: Warband), Mercenaries or his very own Troupe. In the latter, one can get even further, since the Troops must also be cared for, whether one fights for a Kingdom, hunts Bandits or founded his own Kingdom on his Own. View While you have a Bird'S-eye View on the World Map, it's very different in the Battles. In the Battles themselves you can choose between the 3rd person as well as the 1st person View, the same applies to Visits to Towns or Villages. As I Said, you have a Bird's Eye view on the World Map. You don't see from every Squad all men's partner women, but only the guide, which one moves at the Click of a mouse. Every now and then I found there were graphic Errors, which, however, do not disturb much and disappear after the next Battle or Village Visit. Battles and city/village visits When you get into a Battle, you can first choose what to happen at all, for Example you can ride your troops into battle with your Troops, order them to fight alone or surrender. In Battles, orders can be given to your troops via the f keys (E.g. f1 or f2). In Cities you can enter various Buildings and take Actions, and it can also happen, depending on the Level of awareness that you are attacked by Bandits. In Villages you usually get Tasks, but you can also come to a Village because of a Task. Well old too much can not be said about it. General Back and forth I had a Graphic Error, which, however, does not disturb much and disappears after the next Battle or Village visit. There's nothing wrong with the Graphics considering the age of the Game. The Game is very well supported Mod which is very positive as more Fun comes into play. There are still a lot of active Players, which is reflected above all in The Multiplayer. Estimated White can still be found around 100 + Players at any Time. Verdict Mount And Blade: Warband is a very successful Open World RPG that can't be easily trumped. Clear Buy recommendation, and it's every cent of the £19.99worth. It Will be unbeatable at the Latest in the sale! ;)
If you have time time and if you like Rol play. this is your game. A wonderfull game
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»