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Music Awards Manager

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Always dreamed of creating your own musical group and making your way to the stars? Now your desires can become a reality! In our game you can go all the way from rehearsals in the garages to appearances on the stages where world-famous performers have visited.
You will have the opportunity to record songs on different topics, give the name of each of them, release albums. Manage the activities of your newly-born musicians completely and completely!
You have four most popular genres in the music world: rock, electronic music, pop, r'n'b. Your musicians can play in all directions, so do not have to make a hard choice at the beginning of the game - improve in all these genres!
There are three levels of difficulty to choose from, but if the game seems to be hard for you, you can change your difficulty level at any time.
With the promotion of the group you will be assisted by several managers, each of them has a huge number of ideas on how to do it. You will have to face a lot of difficult moral choices, which is more important for you: money, popularity through black PR, or the love of people? Or do you just want to carry your creativity into the masses and make people happy? Managers will give you a huge amount of bonuses if you make the right choice and listen to your heart and head. You will have to act smartly and judiciously, because some elections can damage your reputation on the contrary.
You will be available hundreds of different musical instruments, as well as many cool things that you can give to your musicians, and each of these items will give a certain bonus!
Win many musical awards on the way to the top! Compete for a place in the top 100 with other players!
Your musicians will often comment on what is happening to them, so you definitely will not be bored!
Rather, start to conquer the whole world with the help of your music!

- creation of own music in 4 genres;
- concerts around the world;
- Several secret super goals;
- a lot of interesting events and difficult elections;
- a wide choice of instruments and things for musicians;
- musical awards and achievements;
- the chance to break into the first lines of the music charts;
- the opportunity to become a recognizable worldwide superstar!
Release date
Hamsters Gaming
Hamsters Gaming
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP (SP2)+
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Super goals
Meet 16 super goals
Top-chart conquest
Album is among the top 100
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Record 1 album
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Unlock 3 managers
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Get 500 fans
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Music Awards Manager reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free The Dream of the Music Star! Music Band Manager Is (as the Name suggests) a Management Game in which you turn an unknown Band into World Stars. This works mainly through umpteen Appearances in unknown Gamble clubs and by Writing songs. If you have written and recorded 6 Songs, you can publish them in one Album. Strangely MUST it be 6 Songs. More or less than 6 Songs are not possible. For a normal Person, this is a little EP, but not a huge Album ... Well, what's it. This makes it definitely possible to loosely make 10 Albums a Year-if you have the Money to do so. Sick Sums The Recording of a single Song can later cost over 100 Million (!!!)-these sick prices for Songs prevent you from recording a lot. You can also record in cheaper Studios, so the Fun costs less-but the Quality is worse. Actually, the Game is really simple-you can't actually make a bad Album with a lot of Money. If you Invest a lot of Money, you get even more Money back. If you Invest little Money, you get little Money back. Too bad actually, you could make the whole thing much more complex. It's really easy to sell a Billion Records in the later Game-but you'll have to invest over a Billion per Album. The Manager What would be a Managerial Game without a manager? Right, it would be Crap. In Music Band Manager there are 9 different Managers who take care of 3 different Areas. The first 3 are relatively cheap, the next 3 are already more expensive and the last 3 are most expensive in logish white. Through Managers, there are Random events every few Days, which always end positively. Often you get a Bonus on the next Song of a particular Theme, or one of the Members gets more Talent. But not so bad! Despite the many Criticisms and the too simplistic And unrealistic Economic system, I had my Fun with the Game. Since you can write Songs, perform or buy better Equipment at any time, you will have fun in the first Hours of the Game. After seeing it all, however, this one sinks by the Minute. Unfortunately, there is no one to Replay, as things are repeated. Still, you can watch the Game for €6 times. If you like simple Management Games, you can't do much wrong here. Technical Problems or Bugs I didn't have, the Game went very well. The Graphics of the Game are okay. No AAA 4k graphics, but sufficient for such a Game. The Sounds & Music could be better for a Music Game-but they're also okay. Pro & Contra + The first Hours fun + Good Graphics + Anytime free decision-making-Much too simple-sick Buzz after some Time Scoring gameplay: 30/50 The Game is fun the first Hours, but after that this suddenly graphics & Design: 15/20 Good G rafiking-neither Positive nor Negatively surprising Sound & Music: 5/10 Sounds and Music okay, for a Music Game somewhat weak technique: 5/5 No Crashes or bugs, Performance super price/performance: 3/5 For the Price it becomes too quickly monotonous Support: 4/5: Developer responds in Forum, regular Updates game Entry: 5/5: Through Tutorial and the generally simple Principle easy to understand 67/100
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