My Butler reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Want humiliation and hard domination? Then you come here. I don't Even know where to start... The Story of a girl who settled in a mansion with a butler. There are five of them. The Plot of the supposedly romantic story is built around three of them. In This novel you can not choose the path of development of relations with his butler, it will be the same regardless of your choice, that is, in fact, nothing to affect at all. The Only thing the choice affects is the ending. Why is the story supposedly romantic..? Well, how to say. The Heroine-always stuttering and blushing idiot, who can not stand up and spreads his legs in front of everyone. The Guys are always humiliating, soothing and harassing perverts, whose actions are poorly reminiscent of at least a minimal romantic affection. The First is a self-obsessed and sex actor. He will be harassed anytime, anywhere, from the very first minute. I do not know how such a disposition of events in principle can lead to love. The Second is a bullying model. He too will harass always and everywhere, and the most romantic of his sayings, which the heroine is perceived as a confession of love, it is "I want to mock you always and everywhere, you are angry and blushing, to bring you to such hysterics, that you fainted On my hands. " Comments are superfluous. The Third-heroine obsessed actor and monster. Standard abuser. Harassment, humiliation, inhibitions, pressure on pity, threats and all the other charms of such a relationship. In the game neither the heroine nor the person playing for the heroine in principle there is no right to choose. He, like a stupid stuttering GP, just has to endure all these humiliation for the sake of incomprehensible things. The Plot will not please us interesting ending or unexpected development. Non-Alpha males will not be revealed on the other side explaining their behavior. The Unexpected illumination, which magically suddenly arose love, also will not descend. That is, the whole idea of this game is really built only on the fact that there is a silly girl and three housemen, each of whom will screw her without much effort, while continuing to humiliate. That's the whole point of the game. It's all its content. All three characters. In principle, such a disposition of cases may be liked by people with a hard underhearing, who are already Pofik, with whom and how, and with masochistic inclinations. I do not belong to the first or the second. I Want to believe that the developers really had reason to believe that humiliation and harassment is just what girls want to see in the games.