My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What happens when you Cross Bully's (T) Spacecraft with Monkey Island and use a Bunch of half-naked Men in? Exactly, probably the most absurd Adventure you've ever seen. My Ex-boyfriend, the Space Tyrant Vorab, must be given two Warnings: If you don't want anything to do with Homosexuality at all, you don't have to watch the Game in the first place. The Same goes for People who feel attacked by an incredibly flat, partly sexist Humour even at the Expense of Gays. In The End, they are the same Warnings that could be issued for (T) spacecraft Surprise from Bully Herbig. Ale others might show Interest in this Game. It's about former space fleet Captain Tycho Minogue, who is kidnapped by his old Crew to save the Galaxy. Tycho'S Summer Love Andromedus, his Ex-boyfriend of uni days, has become a tyrannical Conqueror and now threatens the entire Galaxy, namely the Planets New Camelot, Aqualonia and Earth. The only Person who can stop "Andy" is Tycho. But he firmly believes in the Innocence of his Ex-boyfriend, even when he sees the Invading troops arriving on New Camelot. Comichintern Graphisch Can't convince the Game. The Drawings are crude but fitting. However, it is doubtful whether the constant presentation of Fetish and Butt really corresponds to the Target Group. However, it underscores the humorous Nature of the Game. The Ex-Boyfriend doesn't take himself particularly seriously in either graphics or text, which is a pleasing Change At a Time when most Adventure games resemble Thrillers and gritty Crime Thrillers. The game does not stand out On a continuous Loop Musically either. The Sound Effects were also used humorously, especially when Tycho finds a new Item. The Background Music is the Planet, but less often adapted to the individual Images and annoys after a While. Voiceover does not exist. Wortwitz What has been achieved are the Dialogues. Unfortunately, the ongoing Puns and sexual Insinuations also mean that the Game will probably never be translated. Many Word wit cannot be translated or can only be used as a Template for Localization. At the Latest during The hunt in The castle Forest Of New Camelot it is noticeable that you must not simply translate» «with» Stand «. Too bad, but if you have an everyday working English, you can follow the Game very well. One should, however, master some suggestive Terms. Boys and Men At the Figures, despite all The Clichés, was also made Effort. The Characters appear very good individually as Personalities and not all Men of the Game are gay. At least the Mayor of New Camelot is very happy with his Wife. Almost All Characters can be found several times in the Game, which of course leads to a better understanding and assessment of them. Conclusion The Review is significantly shorter than I expected for myself. I liked the Game on the Whole. It is a basic, relatively simple and short point 'N 'click adventure, which does not remotely away from the classical Paths. For That alone, I love it. The Humour with its partly flat, partly outstanding Word jokes (who finds the flat word Wit in this Sentence?) also agrees with me, but that, like any Humour, is a Matter of Taste. Here I can only repeat: Those who like Bully's Films will also have their Fun on this Game. What you shouldn't do, though: Take This Game seriously. It's not a Persiflage on other adventure games, like Tony Tough, but it's a little a Persiflage on the homosexual Community. How much that makes the Leap into the» wide world «of this Community. Again, I have to say: I, for one, Get on well with this. Just like with the running butts in the Picture. Towards the End, however, the Game seems as if the development Team Has Run out of time, Pleasure and/or Money. While I had to fight with the tears, this is not because of the outstanding good Ending, but because I had really shut Tycho in my Heart. For him and his Story, I just found the Conclusion of the Adventure flat.