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My Little Farmies

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The Medieval Village of your Dreams What a development! It started out a plain green field – but you've managed to turn the little plot of land into a bustling medieval village. Lay paths, build a magnificent flour mill, grow grain, vegetables and fruits, harvest your produce and process it into countless goods to sell to your eager customers. Experience the entertaining farm game My Little Farmies. Create your own medieval village according to your wishes in this captivating tycoon game. Keep animals, practice agriculture and expand your sphere of influence. Guild, Trade and Challenges Discover the extensive opportunities this unique building game offers. Breed rabbits, chickens, geese, sheep, swine, cattle and many other animals. Process natural products such as eggs, milk and meat in a variety of production chains to make luxury goods. An exciting blend of farm game and tycoon awaits you! Features include: Extensive production chains Exciting seasonal events Construction of artisan workshops and production sites A fascinating farm setting with cartoon graphics Guild features Social features Animal husbandry and breeding Extraordinary tycoon game options for long-lasting fun From your Fields to the World Manage your village successfully to turn it into a thriving town with prospering trade. Use agriculture and animal breeding in this farm game to make your mark. Mill grain into flour and bake fragrant bread, or process plums into juice and brandy. Upgrade your buildings and decorate your village! Download Now and Get Started Let yourself be whisked back to the Middle Ages and experience the captivating mix of tycoon and farm game! My Little Farmies can only be played online. Existing accounts for the browser game of the same name cannot be linked to Steam.
Release date
Feb 27, 2018
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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My Little Farmies reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
It's just......... Some, I have not seen such "voluntary-forced" pumping money from the players, downloaded the game, started to play, like nothing, count of course sucks, but you can play, began to develop the farm, immediately confused that a lot of plants and animals For sale only for gold, but I think you can play and not "golden" plants and animals, several times expanded the farm for Talers (play money), BUT when it came to the next purchase of land, the blown, in general further expansion of the farm ONLY for gold, you what They are completely razrabeli..... And This is not the last extension, judging by the size of the map they will be enough and of course it will be only for gold, now that would buy the land I need to pay 160 gold, and then I think there will be MUCH more, and 100 gold Worth more than 500 rubles, daaaa, this Of course......... In General, the game and the account Delete, the game is not Rekomnyuyu for the game, if of course you do not have the desire to push a bunch of babbok uncle Razrabu. Good luck to you all in your endeavors.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game of the series "clicked there, clicked the Swami and went out on 1-2-4-6-12-24 (highlight) hours." At the beginning of the zero such games were great scalped and for someone the oskarbnym name "For Office Plankton"! And now to the core of the game: ☆ At Our Disposal is a piece of land on which we have to cultivate plants such as wheat, potatoes, padidors, etc. There are some kind of epic plants that are sold for gold bullion, it is hemp ( Taga-Dagha-da Snoop Dogg euryday, og), pepper and other. It is also possible to build various industrial buildings, such as a mill. These buildings can be upgraded by adding additional production slots, some slots only for gold bullion (well, it's the same pay 2 win game). You can also do animal husbandry, grow rabbits, cows and other game! ✔ Actually The first type of plants acts as intermediate resources, and in particular for manufacture of a flour, baking of bread and other delicacies. The Second (for gold) is the type of turbo-beaver, Buy, Sadish, collect and sell-wagon experience with zboré and bags of silver at Sale guaranteed. ✔ About The buildings to paint no desire, they are largely account in all farms are the same. ✔ As for animal husbandry there are of course twofold feelings, like everyone, but It seems not. Now the construction of the animal pens will not surprise anyone. What do we have on the exhaust? ☆ Kazual. ✔ Yes. ☆ Dumb and Mindless Greeny. ✔ Yes. ☆ And useless graphics. ✔ Yes. ☆ Banal plot, from which you start to vomit in the first minutes of the game. ✔ Yes. Bottom Line: I would not waste time on this farm, there are many other farms. Farms in which really want to go, where everything is nice to look, in those farms where you are not sick of the gameplay, where the devil is nice to plant potatoes, tomatoes, wheat and other crops. Where there really is content, not the golden toilets for 1. Ltd. Ltd. Silver! 3 Grown rabbit from 10
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