My Lovely Daughter reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Product received for free My Lovely Daughter tells the story of a father, an alchemist scientist whose daughter has died, so he will try to make Anything to bring her back to life, even resorting to what can be called "black Magic". At the beginning of the story, our protagonist remembers nothing of his past. We will end up in the daughter's room and the memory slowly begins to come back. Of fundamental help will be a sort of library/diary, in which in addition to contain valid aid for the execution of spells, will also have a section dedicated to history, whose pages are going to fill up as we continue in the game. Since Our aim is to bring our daughter back to life, it will be our task to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve the expected outcome. What we are mainly going to do is create "homunasses", or "daughters". These homunasses are created by associating three elements (equal or different) with the choice between materials such as wood, iron, water, meat and more. Depending On the material combinations, the daughters will have different characteristics and shapes. They May have the form of an Android, Mermaid, humanoid made of iron; Always depending on the material will belong to a category between "Happy", "angry", "sad", "frightened". These latter characteristics will be fundamental with regard to two areas in particular: the use and the sacrifice. With use we mean a real job: when we decide, we will go to the city with our daughters, that we can employ in work to them as similar as possible, so as to earn and be able to have money to buy other materials to create homunculi (or other objects). Another form of earnings is the work contracts that we are going to tighten with the villagers, who will also give us a deadline. Going to the city means staying away from home for a fixed time of two weeks. During this time we can make our daughters work, tighten work contracts or buy items. The time you can slide it faster according to two modes, or we can go home in advance just by clicking on it. The Sacrifice of the daughters is, instead, the fundamental part of the game. Every sacrificed daughter goes to transfer her characteristic as affinity into the soul of our true deceased daughter. We will then have to decide well what homunculi sacrifice and when to sacrifice them, so as to get the right level of affinity for each feature. Every Sacrifice will also make us back some of the materials we have used; These materials will also improve depending on the combination and the level at which the Homunculi had arrived (there are 3 quality levels of materials: low, Medium, high). The Soul of the deceased daughter lies within a kind of stove and can only be reinfused once every four weeks when there is a full moon. This process will lead to the cancellation of all affinity values. In Addition to the soul of the daughter must also pay attention to the body: with time deteriorates, so we must take care, smearing an ointment that will be found at the store in the city. Even the homunasses are asking for attention, otherwise they might escape. Graphically I found it decidedly suggestive. There are No colors, but only drawings, which can almost seem like sketches, on a background reminiscent of old paper yellowed by time. The only color present will be the red of the blood of the sacrifices. Even the sound compartment is not bad at all, with a track in the background that accompanies without disturbing. There are No voiceovers, but we will find disturbing childish laughter and chilling screams in the moments of the sacrifices. My Lovely Daughter is a very special game, which forces you to make questionable decisions, but personally I have to say it deserves. It Tends to get a little repetitive, as the actions to bring the daughter's soul to life remain the same. My Lovely Daughter has an average duration of about 8 hours.