My Riding Stables: Life with Horses reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
My Stud, a Life for the Horses ... There are Childhood memories hanging! What exactly do you have for opportunities in this Game and what is it all about? Quite simply: In Principle, you do What the Name suggests. The Player rebuilds a depraved Stud piece By Piece to make it shine in new Splendour. My Stud Is also, in a way, a simulation Game. If you laugh now, I would like to keep an Eye on the economic Aspect of this Game-it is not equally recognizable to everyone, but still available! We start with a single Horse, which we can create ourselves-as well as our character. With this one Horse we start to train to take part in the first Races. The First Step to expand the Stud Farm and thus create the first important Source of Revenue is to Set the Riding hall for Foal Training. At First it seems to be a good Source Of Income, but in the Course of the next Game one quickly realizes that The Foal Training alone is only a Drop in the ocean-so there has to be something else. Gradually you buy new Lands to Ride out, get the Stud further into Contact, take In guests and get more and more Opportunities to earn your Funds. In addition to the Fact that the Game itself is already from 2008, I can only say again and again and realize: It is and will remain one of the best Horse games-whether Graphic or content. Overview here Times my personal Pro And contra: Pro:-many different money earning opportunities (Foal training, Horse massage, horse breeding, horse Sales, Guests)-a neat graphic with beautiful Outlier ground-through permanent tasks in the Growing (Stable) Operation does not Arise boredom-a few Hours of Play Contra:-as Soon As you have guests and you have several Horses in the Stable (Ideally the Stable May already be completely equipped with Horses), at some point you are almost permanently cleaning, because the Guests are Riding, but of course not horse Care-Since this is a simulation with Living things, a certain Routine cannot be avoided after ten Days (Caring, riding, breeding-there is quite a quick Rhythm for how best to Do your Day Structured-once you have the Story mode completely through (Because it doesn't have too much ' story ', but that doesn't matter at this Point), the Stud is completely built, all The country travelers are bought and every Building is built ... You have little Incentive to keep playing. In Maximum you can still breed horses, sell, care-but here, too, at some point a sum of money Accumulates, which you will never spend even with a Full Stable with sick horses summary: ' My Stud ' is a beautiful Feast for the eyes, which at the same time Can be used as a Pastime and can involve a few Hours of Playing time. There are some Animations that really need to count as a Detail to the game (Considering the Year of Publication and all THE SCHLECHTEN Horse Games during this Period). The Horses hitting when leading when they stand with their Heads, Grazing when they stand longer, wobble with their Ears-all these small-acies make a Game seem alive first. The Rider goes along well with the Movements, drifts on the Trot RIGHT with her Legs (Even when she sits down in the Saddle), the Sounds are eerily beautiful. Clear Recommendation, in my Eyes, is also worth its complete purchase Price