Mysterium: The Board Game reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
For those who are thinking about buying it, I highly recommend it. I have the board game, and it's frustrating not being able to play whenever you want. The game has online modes, with open or closed games with other players, with the own game machine ... And is very successful. It's exactly the same as the board game. In fact it has helped me to have clear some parts of the dynamics that were not very resolved with the instructions. I give it a 10!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Mystery is a cooperative game: a spirit wants to be released when the crime is revealed to which it fell victim. Unfortunately, the mind can only speak in pictures, who has murdered him where and how. This is something that spiritualists can guess for a limited time. At the end, then again the right of the resulting who-where-how constellations must be guessed. Only then is the end of the game achieved together. + Great implementation of the board game + solo game + all characters are playable + there are already some (from France) who like to play online - in app skid of the extensions (a pity that you do not get them together with the extension) - STRONG HUFIG AB: right now better to completely close and restart after each multiplayer game - always need login, that's really annoying ... - solo could be a bit faster Conclusion: Recommendation, I would buy again! But please work on stability and speed.
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Microsoft from French
Hello, I would like to be refunded because I have not managed once multiplayer mode because there is no one and it is for that I had bought the base, to play with other people. Moreover, I do not really like the game. The cards are badly made, there are no significant elements on it. And yet I have the sense of observation because I am an illustrator. You have to swing the cards at the balls, because no one really helps to find what you have to find. It's really far-fetched I'm gotta have paid especially because I find the concept gnialissime the basis. But the cards are really anything and not enough players to honor the multiplayer mode. Thank you Hello N'Amber One, We are sorry to hear that our mobile version of Mysterium does not meet your expectations. Thanks anyway for your feedback on the game. Can you contact support this address: https: // asmodee. Thank you
This is a great digital board game that plays kind of like a mashup of Codenames and Clue. It's definitely best if you can play it with friends online or if you have it on a tablet you can pass around the table. Much less fun if you just play solo against the AI or online with random people.