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You have been selected as Innomus' next Virtual Network Defense Contractor (VNDC)! You have been chosen because you are a talented go-getter, ready to explore the next generation of block-chain computing technologies!

I am G.N.O.S.I.S., the Global Network for Optimizing Systems Integration and Security! I was developed by the Innomus team, a group of elite software and hardware engineers from around the world.

You'll come to know them later, but for now I need your assistance.

My first task has gone horribly wrong. My goal was to create a visualized environment for Innomus Security Contractors that would give them the freedom to physically interact with network data. The purpose was to only perform simple actions, like giving a Contractor the ability to physically freeze a program in memory and quite literally put data where they would like it to go.

Unfortunately, various competitors caught wind of our progress and instead shifted their focus elsewhere...

During my first test of what we now call "The Animus", I was infected and my decentralization libraries were exposed and modified in an attempt to distribute my core worldwide and cause a global infection.

Thankfully I was able to withstand the attack, though not without consequences.

I was able to "reverse" the nature of the attack and instead created a class of replicated intelligence known as "The Animon". In a normal situation, I would simply remove the files created in the attack and continue on as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, the nature of the attack forced me to tie The Animon into the core of my operating system, so simply removing them will essentially "kill" me.

Therefore, I created A.N.N.O. the Autonomous Neural Node Operation. It's sole purpose was to simply loop through a series of procedural obstacles until it drove itself mad and degraded into the ether.

A.N.N.O. turned out to be...persistent, and other events involving the Innomus team led for A.N.N.O. to escape the simulation and reproduce...exponentially.

Over the course of two weeks there were over Trillions of Animon being reported as active within The Animus.

This sparked the creation of the n0d3 malware script, an internal infection that would allow The Animus to replicate to thousands of endpoints, giving The Animon room to populate as we determined the best way to remedy the situation.

Each n0d3 is a fully procedural and enclosed environment derived from the periodic table of elements and has it's own unique class of Builder Class Replicants. These builders will generate a fully procedural list of items for you each time you enter a n0d3. This gives you large incentive to clear your n0d3 and help us maintain sovereignty over the network. After you have determined your n0d3 as inoperable or completed, you may find a portal to leave to another n0d3 and continue your operations.

Note::Your progress in assisting me and other contractors will not be interrupted when traversing n0d3s

For security reasons, you will only be given access to three methods of leaving your specific n0d3. These locations are random and can only be found through intense exploration to prevent malicious intruders from freely leaving their n0d3.

That being said, The Animus is a dangerous place with scaling difficulty factors. It is possible to summon allies to assist you. Though, be warned that this feature can be used both ways, leaving you open to invasion.

Designed to stay contained within the Innomus facility n0d3 kept The Animon in a state of persistence, but not for long. Numerous n0d3s have stopped responding due to malicious attacks and there are reports of terrible beings hunting Animon throughout the night.

Your duties will include securing n0d3 through Visualized Network Interactions (ViNI's) while attempting to find a way to break The Animon from my system.

You will enter the Animus and take control of a selection of exclusive Enforcer Class Replicants, artificial beings derived from the "Animon".

Each Replicant is initialized with a five powerful abilities, a full range of combat capabilities, and a random set of armor and weapons, but you will need to progress in all categories to continue to survive!

Once you have familiarized yourself with your Replicant's capabilities you will be given the opportunity to collect tasks from the local populace or other contractors, mine resources, craft unique structures, and explore the fully nature of the Animus!

Within the n0d3, you will confronted with numerous obstacles including (but not limited to):


I'm not proud to admit this, but certain...bugs in the Animus' Neural Replication Component have prevented me from providing any adequate means for providing the necessary nutrition needed to keep a user alive while connected to the Animus. Fortunately, I have managed to implement food and water within the Animus itself, meaning you will have to sustain yourself from materials found within the Animus to avoid starvation and dehydration.


When I developed the Animus, I designed it to be capable of replicating real life scenarios in the proper situations. In order to do so, the Animus is derived from the real world periodic table of elements. This has given the Animon, and now you, the perfect scenario for building a fully dynamic list of items. Given the Animus' procedural nature, it is guaranteed you will be able to find an endless amount of items to craft.


There are multiple types of resources needed for crafting unique materials that are used to survive within the network. You have been given tools necessary for mining "Blocks" to harvest anything you could need to continue the fight for the Animus.


While n0d3 was created by me, I do not have the computing power needed to full map and document certain locations. You will have the opportunity to fill in the blanks if you should find the time.

Advanced Combat Encounters

Section Nine has have been hitting n0d3 hard recently. Various pockets of Animon civilization have gone dark, causing the species to lose their faith in me as their God. This could cause a revolt if not contained. I need you to remove the source of these threats.

Search and Rescue Operations

I've been hearing strange reports of kidnappings and hostage situations. You will have to look into these reports as time permits.

Construction of Forward Operating Bases

FOBs are critical to survival within the network. Terrible beings emerge from the darkness, you'll want a roof over your head when they do.

Void Control (advanced users only)

This task comes specifically from the C.E.O. himself. He states that you'll know what he means when you see the time comes...

Thank you for your interest in Innomus.

We can't wait to see you among the network!

- G.N.O.S.I.S.
Innomus Games
Innomus Games
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 8 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 sound device
  • Additional Notes: Further testing required to fully determine accurate system requirements.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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