Nail The Beat

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Creating art is difficult. Understanding art is even more difficult. That's why we want to speak to people using a language that is easily understood by everyone. We listen to no politics, our believes are made by the communities we build ourselves.  Music is the answer! We communicate through the beats of our favorite songs, and we share it with other through cassettes. Yeah, we are like 30 years late... but that's the magic of it. So don't be shy, share your beliefs through music with us or with others or jam alone by playing 3 catchy tracks (for now).  Nail the beat alone or with a friend and let the music guide you. That's our only policy!

Elias Fedorenko - Coding

Chris Triantafyllou - Art

George Kokolios - Scoring & SFx

Instructions: Use Space & Down to control the players and start to nail notes (We used custom buttons for the project that we made while attending the game jam... seriously).

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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