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Imagine that you're being hated by everyone. What would you do? Would you cry in the corner, try to commit suicide or beat your enemies to death?

Well, the best idea is not to touch anyone and to play Nary - a procedurally generated hardcore rogue-like runner with a lot of game modes, in which you're supposed to use your keyboard knowledge and reaction speed in order to get to the end! Nary combines tons of great features of the genre and adds unique own ones!

- Each foe's health is represented not by the dull hearts, but by the special set of arrows!
In order to damage the enemy, you'll have to press the appropriate keyboard keys!

- To make matters worse, each level is randomly generated every time you die.
Thus, in addition to keeping track of your enemies, you'll have to mash Spacebar to avoid the obstacles!

- In order to make your gameplay even more thrilling, Nary offers you to try out one of the many game modes, including Flappy Bird, Leprechaun, Ninja, Sunken Tombs and many others!

- But that's also not all of the spicy stuff! Some levels require you to use special abilities such as Gravity Switch, Dash and Double Jump!

- Fortunately for the player, you may actually use the Shield and Sword to defend yourself from death! You may only use each of them 3 times per run though..

- The most courageous players will get a chance to "loop" the game after beating it!
Thus, you will have to face stronger enemies and will be able to improve your highscore!

- Last but definitely not least, the whole gameplay is accompanied by glorious soundtracks from EverReverb and Mysterious Presence, which will make your stay extremely pleasant and unforgettable!

- Choose a difficulty for yourself and let the jounrey begin!
Start from relaxing peaceful mode and proceed to a nerve-wrecking hardcore one!

All I can say to sum this up is.. well.. good luck, mate!
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System requirements for PC

  • Storage: 25 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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This game is about Jumping
Jump 250 times
This game is about Pushing Buttons
Miss 10 times
Let's play a game
Kill 50 enemies in a single run
As fast as a lightning!
Manage to skip 10 enemies on a single level
Hot and spicy!
Beat "Deserted Paradise"
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Nary reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Description: Arcade runner from domestic developers. We're playing for a little beast who decided to end his life. Our protagonist commits suicide attempt, but suddenly he is rescued by an old and loyal friend-an eagle. Now we are on a pair with the eagle go to a big race to kill all their relatives. Gameplay consists of two elements-overcoming obstacles with the help of timely made jumps and killing enemies by pressing the required keys (arrows) on the keyboard. Pros: ¥ The Game is completely in Russian language. ¥ Many different modifiers that make the gameplay much more diverse. ¥ Great Soundtrack. Cons: ¥ Some Modifiers do not work correctly. ¥ NO Description of satellites accompanying the hero. ¥ Many Bugs. ¥ Interesting Achievements, but a few of them do not work and get the perfect game in his piggy bank at the moment is impossible. ¥ If At least a millimeter to hit the tile on which we jump, then immediately Game Over. ¥ Extremely uncomfortable in-game store, where I certainly somehow could buy items, but how I managed to I did not know. ¥ There is no restart button and each time it is necessary to make the mouse manually. ¥ Story part about some geek... Does the author of the game have children's trauma with family and friends? Bottom Line: Overall nice game, which interferes with the plot, bugs and non-working... If you finish, you could recommend... But for the time being, I can't do that. Rating: 4/10 post-match: If you liked this review welcome to the group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/uojer-here you can see the recommended games, other reviews, as well as just chat in good company.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free All the following is strictly an opinion of the author! Gameplay: Basically the gameplay is to run and jump over obstacles, also do not unimportant to closely monitor what is happening on the monitor and flawlessly combine keystrokes to destroy enemies, making the game unbearably difficult and Demanding to your response and attentiveness. You say, and here is my attentiveness??? Yes, with the fact that You have to destroy the enemies randomly generated keyboard shortcuts (forward, up, right, left), which appears above the head of the NPC, at the same time evade, but not stumble and all this in motion!!! It is Also very important to make decisions quickly and correctly, as there is no time for reflection. At the beginning it will be quite difficult, but do not worry, further-more complicated:). The MAP is generated all the time different, so You will not be able to simply memorize it, You have to learn to follow several goals at the same time and improve the reaction to win:) There is no Plot in the game as such. After accumulating the necessary amount of game currency You are given the opportunity to buy new items and "modifiers", after their use the game is even more interesting, and in some cases more complicated. Pros:-Modifications, extras. Items that add a lot of new colors to the game; -Not bad musical accompaniment; -Eye-pleasing graphics; Achieve Proven -Well and of course the opportunity to knock out the cards:). Cons:-No plot, as far as I know it was removed, but still would like, though a little, imbued with some history of the main character and run forward to some goal; -I think it would be worth adding a description to the modifiers and subjects in the menu of choice, so as not to experience them in the game (purely my preference). Bottom Line: The Game clings to its hardcore, it seems to make you, after another defeat, to go back to battle. I Think "Nary" will like not only fans of the genre of hardcore and runner, as well as ordinary players, and I am a confirmation:) As you progress through the game, the review will be updated (Stuck on level 7 in the dungeon:))
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