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NejicomiSimulator TMA01 - Continuous orgasm training of a big-boob maid with a powerful piston dildo! - (Gapping)

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Game System
This is a masturbation simulator in which you play with a big-breasted maid who moves lukewarmly in Live2D, making her squirt and cum continuously with a powerful piston vibrator.

She reacts to every operation in real time, and naughty animations are played.
Please enjoy the way her whole body shakes abundantly by the insertion of the vibrator.
Her reactions, breaths, and sound effects are perfectly synchronized with the operation.
(There are no mechanically looping motions in this work. All motions are produced by special physical and emotional parameters tuned to sex.)

A wide variety of parts can be switched, including ball gag, ear tag, swimsuit, milking machine, blindfold, glasses, squirting and spurting volume, dildo size, and tits, hips, and thighs. This time, we paid special attention to the movement of the insertion part and the expression of milking. The bottom part of her mouth shakes cutely as she sucks on the dildo, looking very delicious.

Voice: Tayuyu Omune (@Icuptayuyu)
This work is an official collaboration with a real VTuber!
You can enjoy the situation that the girl who usually delivers the video might be doing this kind of service behind the scenes! You can enjoy such a situation.


You can control the following parts of the body by dragging the mouse
* Head
* Torso
* Tits
* Thighs
* Dildos
There are differences in the way each part of the body moves. Try manipulating various parts of the body to find your favorite movements.

You can drag and drag each part of the body to play with it, but you can take your play to the next level by using the multiple recording function.
Since multiple recordings allow you to take overlapping shots, you can create your own original animations combining the movements of multiple parts, such as shaking the body in the first round of recording and manipulating the boobs in the second round of recording.
Please try to create an animation of your own liking!

Equipped with an emotion engine!
Facial expressions automatically change according to three parameters: impatience, pleasure, and pain.
If you move her suddenly and violently, she will feel more pain than pleasure, and her expression will change to one of pain.
It is up to you whether to make her face ecstatic with pleasure or distorted with pain.

The emotion meter in the upper left corner of the screen indicates how she is feeling.
The emotion meter can be viewed as follows
* Heart: Pleasure
* Yellow rings: Irritation
* Red rings: pain
(You can visualize the correspondence between the intensity of the stimulus and the emotion by displaying the emotion graph in the settings. If you have trouble controlling your emotions, please refer to this graph)

A wide variety of functions!
■About Login Bonus
A login bonus will be given every day when you start the game (23 hours after the last time you received it). With the login bonus, you will earn Gem, which is necessary to open the settings.
Gems can be earned through the login bonus, the climax bonus described below, and the Twitter integration feature described below. if you do not use Twitter, it takes about 2 days to open the basic settings, and about 5 days to open all settings. Please enjoy the gradual development each day.

■About the Climax Bonus
You can earn more bonus Gem for each time you climax up to 20 times in a day. If you can't make her climax well, try to increase the feeling of impatience. Try using the multiple recording function to touch various parts of the body at the same time. The multiple stimulation will surely satisfy her.

■About the Twitter Linkage Function
You can post videos to Twitter from within the game. By posting videos, you can earn Gems which are necessary to open the settings in the game. You will get bonus Gem when you log in next time for the number of likes and retweets of your post. Share your favorite animations with everyone.

■Major Features
The facial expressions of the characters change according to the way they are inserted, their timing, and their emotions, and the onomatopoeia appropriate to the situation adds to the tension. 4K resolution renderings are beautiful even when enlarged to full screen.

Rich camera effects are included!
■Load your favorite images and videos as backgrounds!
You can import jpg/png/mp4 format files as backgrounds during the game.
You can also import your own images and videos to recreate your favorite situations.

■Rich camera effects
You can turn on/off three types of camera effects: background light source effect, light diffusion, and reflection of contours by backlighting (rim light).
Using the background image as a light source, you can create a sense of atmosphere by adjusting the light diffusion and rim light.
Enjoy shooting your own emo videos.

Shortcut function!
Find your favorite situations with a variety of settings.
Up to 14 favorite settings can be registered as shortcuts (press the hamburger button in the upper right corner of the settings menu to open the shortcut settings menu).
In addition, a set of settings can be registered as a preset up to 5 patterns. By presetting your favorite combination of settings, you can immediately play back the optimal scene.

Equipped with time stop!
Real-time switching function of time stop is equipped!
Stimulation given during time stop will accumulate, and will attack her collectively after time stop is released (time stop can be used by accumulating Gem to open the function).

It is possible to make it a healing desktop accessory by turning on the background transparency function when the background is hidden. Touch and enjoy whenever you feel like it.

Record drag operation, repeat playback, function is available, and you can play your favorite inserted animation with both hands free.

Free video recording function!
You can export the game screen as an mp4 video file at any time.

System requirements for PC

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 7
  • Processor: intel core i5 compatible
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 10
  • Processor: intel core i7 compatible
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Last Modified: Apr 28, 2023

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